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Greece, the Euro zone crises

I’m back readers after a couple week hiatus. What have I been doing away from the keyboard? Just generally being busy as hell. Thank you as always to my subscribers, and all those who take the time to read my point of view. Now on to the topic at hand:

The Greek parliament passed new legislation the other instituting further austerity measures to please the lords that own them. Even though they applauded the passing of the legislation against the will of the Greek people, they still wanted more. They want greater assurances of austerity before they will allow loans that would save Greece from defaulting on more than 300 billion dollars in debt. The vultures who created the crises, are now feasting upon the rotting corpse of the Greek economy. The people are not acquiescing without a fight. Thousands filled the streets voicing their displeasure, fighting back against the capitalist class that is sacrificing the Greek people to the capitalist gods of greed and malfeasance.
Don’t be horrified by angry youths in the streets throwing Molotov cocktails, be horrified by parents giving their children to orphanages because they can no longer afford to feed and clothe them. Don’t be horrified by a mere burning building, be horrified by the wholesale theft of the Greek people’s livelihood by the jackals in Brussels, Paris and Berlin.  The Greek people’s only crime was being brought into the EU in the first place. While the rich sip their champagne and eat their caviar, celebrating stripping the poor of social safety nets, the poor despair, having nowhere else to turn. Capitalism is like a zombie, eating its own, undermining itself. They are taking away the ability of the working classes to consume, which will undermine the ability of the capitalists to profit. Capitalism will fall, and socialism will reign. All it needs is a bit of a push. Push away people of Greece, and push hard.


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