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America’s God: The Almighty Military

This is just a quick post. I’ve taken time from my busy morning to post this because I think that it is VERY important. A woman posted a status on Facebook that criticized the military, and said she didn’t like how military members were always trying to get discounts. For this she has received death threats and online harassment, and she was fired for her comments. Military worshipping Americans erupted in joy at the thought of this poor woman losing her livelihood because she said things they didn’t like. This is the real face of American fascist militarism. There is one particular Facebook page that has harassed her and the comments are filled with hate for this woman who never did them any wrong other than speak her mind about the ridiculous nature of military worship in the US. The name of the Facebook page is
So how about giving them a taste of their own medicine? Attack the page, fill the comments section of their hateful posts up and support this woman who didn’t deserve to lose her job for speaking her mind. Down with American military worship!! Down with fascist militarism!! Down with the US military!! Down with this suppression of free speech!!

Here’s the news story:
Here are some comments from that shitty FB page so you can see the steaming pile of hate for yourself:

  • Shawn Carlson That’s funny because in my experiences it is not the service members who are really that critical of statements like hers, it’s our spouses, parented, kids, etc. Try telling a wife/husband their deployed spouse isn’t a hero, you’re likely to catch an ass whooping!
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  • Donnielle DecadentDiva Clay Freedom of speech does not guarantee freedom from consequences. She choose to voice her opinion and lost her job. Nobody’s fault but her own.
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  • Byron Montgomery I hate when people negatively talk about the Navy or any other military branch. If you have not served, your opinion is solely based off of what you have heard. You don’t know what we’ve been through and what we’ve sacrificed. The fact that you are allowed to have an opinion is because of the military who defends America’s freedoms. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! And if you really think you know something and disagree with how things are being ran, go through the appropriate channels to change it. Become a member of congress. Otherwise shut your pie hole!
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  • Cat Henry That chick seriously needs help… She don’t think the military deserves appreciation then she needs to get outa the country!
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  • Joe Huffman I agree the first amendment allows her to post whatever she wants but she also needs to understand that with those post there are always reprecussions, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, she opened the can of worms now she has to deal with it, serves her right
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  • John Roell Look stop thinking of fb as yours. Its not fb owns it there for its a public place. She made comments that tied her work to them in public that is counter to their stance. So no she has no right to complain she lost her job
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  • Ryan Ditto She antagonized this situation. Next time she exercises her freedom of speech she should thank the Sailor, Marine, Airman, and Soldier that gave her that right. I could care less what the welfare baby thinks I do or don’t deserve. Opinions are like assholes.
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  • Daniel Gilbert She told those in the military to “get a real job”, she WAS a server at a pub and WAS employed at a movie theater, now she IS unemployed. Maybe she should worry more about herself and her family instead of criticizing those that fight for her right to be stupid
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  • Jenn Elyse Phillips @soldiers are not heros. Why the hell are you following a navy humor page?
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    • Travis Cox I believe he was quoting and calling her an idiot, not furthering the military bashing…atleast that’s how I read it. heh
  • Brandon Douglas Fuck that bitch. I haven’t spent the last 8 years in here for people like her to slander us. Damn right i ask for military discounts, because i’ve earned the right. Just like all of us on here have. It’s called “perks of the job”, i put up with enough bullshit. If someone wants to buy me a drink because i did a 10 1/2 month deployment on the damn boat, i’ll take that drink and say thanks. It’s called respect and she clearly doesn’t have any.
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  • Amanda Fussell She works for a cinema… how often is she deployed away from her family, friends and country… I think we deserve a little special treatment for that
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  • Johnathon Aguilar The only thing I ever got was 10% at autozone and a free coke once.
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  • Ryan Myers It was funny at first, but now this is sad. She does not deserve this. What good is it for us to be protecting our freedoms…if a lynch mob will do everything they can to shut her up? So what if she doesn’t support the military? She’s one out of how many that do support us?
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  • Breanna Lynd That’s dumb. Maybe she should be out there fighting for our country just to see what they go through, then try and say they get too much. This isn’t a matter of “free speech” it’s a matter of disrespect.
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  • Nick Gescey “Well that escalated quickly” Hey, she wanted to be famous, congrats!
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  • Rose Marie Bogaard And yet many of you are missing the fact that as an employee, you represent the company you work for. The company obviously didn’t agree with how she was representing them, so they discharged her. That’s their right. Why should they continue to pay someone who is damaging business and giving them a bad image?
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  • John Roell So this is how I see what happened. She went to her Facebook page and spouted some controversial words. Or let me rephrase it she ran into a packed stadium grabbed the mic and over the 1mc said something controversial and expected no response. Or she expected the masses to agree with her and is now surprised they did not agree. Most places can firmer you if you say things to discrete or bring shame to the company in public. By posting on a public forum (yes your Facebook is not private forum) she brought up her work.(by mentioning a discount her post is associated to her work) they have a right to protect their image by firing her. Now while everyone has a right to free speech you speech is not with out responsibility. Your rights have limits and your rights come with ownership of your choices to exercise them. While death threats and such are a bit over the top. The verbal disagreements posted are others exercising free speech in response to her entrance into public forum. While I feel she should have the right to state her opinion she also has the responsibility to take ownership of the consequences for her words. As long as she isn’t receiving or actually having bodily harm to her happens. I have no sympathy for her, you reap what you sow she is not special.
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  • John Wesley Hopkins I always get a kick out it when someone tries to hide behind the 1st amendment after getting fired for saying something incredibly stupid.
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  • Jay Clinton Noone has said she couldn’t have freedom of speech. She had better be prepared for the repercussions of using it. That’s all.
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  • Katharine Burns Am I the only one here that thinks it’s kind of messed up that her whole life is ruined because she shot her mouth off? Yes it was a stupid thing to say but damn.
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    • 2 Replies · 2 hours ago
  • Shane O’Neil Freedom of speech, I am happy she had the balls to voice her opinion. As a veteran, I think she is a moron BUT I am happy to see her using her freedom that VETERANS provided. As far as her job, they had every right to fire her. The comments she made could lose business for the company. Sometimes, you have to think before you speak. She obviously forgot that lesson.
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  • Cheryl Hoover Maybe she should enlist, since she doesn’t have a job now….she might change her mind about her posts after she spends time as a deck seaman chipping paint!
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  • Kim Constantine Feel free to use your first amendment right that I fought for…but don’t be surprised that they’re consequences for them….ya dumb box!
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  • Thomas Cunningham You know even though many of us disagree like myself with her opinion we did join to protect and defend the constitution and that includes the 1st admendment and freedom of speech whether we agree or disagree. And thats what make this a great country. As far as anyone threatening this womans life and they are active or prior active service that should never be occuring because that is below our standards.
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  • Richard Fournier Although I think this chick is an idiot, whoever shouted death threats at her went a whole lot lower than she did. Unfortunately you idiots that did so did not represent the military very well whatsoever. You made us all look like a bunch of overreactive psychos.
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  • Kia S Whitaker Think twice before you start bashing people in the Military…who do you think is protecting that “Freedom of speech” that you hold so dear to your heart…those before us fighting for your freedom to do so…remember that before you that trash come out of your mouth
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  • Alex Griffin Annnnnd the floodgates are open… To bad she’s trying to swim upstream.
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  • Ryan Ditto She got fired for claiming to be the manager while answer phones.
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  • Jessica Misty Luevano Lrc HAHA!!!! AINT THAT A BITCH!!! WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY…. LMAO Thank you Carmike Cinema’s
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  • Mark Nalley She does have the right to free speech. So does everyone else who responded.
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  • Angela Robbins ^someone take away the trolls first ammendment rights!
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  • Dane France You can say whatever you want and be protected from the government. That doesn’t mean that your employer can’t fire you for saying it. It also shouldn’t protect you from getting punched in the mouth
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  • Jenn Elyse Phillips You know I bet she never got “death threats” from anyone. She’s just an attention whore
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  • Raymond Thompson I am proud to fight for her right to be a crazy bitch…while enjoying my discounted movie tickets…
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  • James Vincent O’Brien III You have to have a life before someone can threaten it. Stupid bitch.
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  • Neil Goldstein Freedom of speech goes both ways…
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  • Jei Dee Wow…all because of a post on FB . Never the less, she got what she asked for and then some.
    It was a bit too much though, I mean come on, as a military vet I didn’t like what she posted but wouldn’t go as far as to threaten her life. It’s just plain ignorance for anyone to take it to an extreme just because people disagree on what someone else has to say. What the hell is this country coming to?!!!
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  • John Taylor Soldiers are not heroes. You are a freakin idiot!
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  • Joe Litz This is absurd, she should not have lost her job over this. Do I disagree? Yeah, sure I do. But this is just as asinine as firing someone because they said they don’t like Obama, or the government, or god damn basketball. Seriously, this is some 1st grader baby bullshit. Just because some civ talked shit about what we do doesn’t make it ok for her to get fired over it.
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  • Brandon Havard What she said was jacked up, but I do think she should legally have the right to say whatever she wants without financial or legal repercussions. It’s ‘Murica after all. Although that comment would warrant a punch to the face in person, I think she was speaking on behalf of the ignorant tard that she is and not on behalf of the company she works for. Ignorant tards need menial jobs with other ignorant tards to keep them from hurting normal people when they go crazy. If anything, I would take pleasure in making her mop up my spilled Mr Pibb purchased with my military discount while calling me ‘sir’ with a forced smile on her face. /2cents
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  • Connor Wilson “Thinks she should be able to say whatever she believes on Facebook.” Freedom of Speech is not a free ticket to spout off irresponsibly. It is not Freedom of Responsibility For Your Speech.
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  • Carol Laverty I don’t agree with what she said at all but she shouldn’t be getting death threats for it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But seriously, why doesn’t she make her facebook private????
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