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I want to talk to you today about a special four letter word. This world is cynical, it is tired and jaded, snarky and rude. However, this word represents all that is good about humanity. It is inspiration, aspiration, optimism and just not giving up. Hope springs eternal? Or does it?

I remember back to 2008 when everyone was all excited about the election of Obama. Hope and change were on everyone’s lips, like he would be a savior for a dying world. Of course he wasn’t. He turned and hired Goldman Sachs, and firmly tied his lot in with the capitalist class. The financial crisis spread around the globe, and many many lost their homes. Meanwhile we were still fighting two wars overseas for no good reason, and the Koch brothers and Walton families around the world kept laughing all the way to the bank, the bank of course in the process of receiving billions from the US government for their punishment for having royally fucked up. Meanwhile, millions were still losing their homes, their jobs, their hope.

Here we are some 5 years later. Have things gotten better? No, not really. While most of the troops are home from Iraq, that country is still plagued with sectarian violence. Afghanistan has been an abject failure as well, of course. Gitmo stays open, the prisoners in there trying to starve themselves to death in protest of the US’s horrific treatment of men who have never been tried with even one crime, but whom stay in prison still as time rolls on.

Poverty up, jobs still down. They announce with glee that the unemployment rate is down, but conveniently forget all those who have fallen off that list, those who have given up looking for a decent job. People work their fingers to the bone just to survive, and it just isn’t enough. In the richest country on earth, millions go without proper medical care. We keep spreading fake democracy all the while we shit on it at home.

So what is there to hope for? What is there to yearn, look and work for? Things look bleak, it seems like the world will only get worse, not better. However, I’m here to tell you that there is one way, one way that we can throw off despair, that we can change the world.

There is a way we can hope again.

Anger. That’s right. I’m telling you to get angry. Get angry at the fact that the CEO of the company makes millions while you try to survive on a pitiful wage. Get angry at the hundreds of thousands of deaths and the trillions wasted in two unneeded and illegal wars. Get angry at the fact that the Europeans have gutted Africa of her resources. Get mad at the child labor still going on today. Get angry at the fucked up system that has more than 2 million Americans behind bars, mostly for minor drug offenses. Get angry at the fact that  your government doesn’t represent you, but represents those with money. Get angry get angry get angry. I want the whole world to erupt with rage against a fucked up capitalist class that refuses to listen to the cries of the oppressed.

You may wonder what anger has to do with hope. They seem, not well suited for each other, I beg to differ. Anger means that you feel powerless at a system that seeks to crush your soul. Anger means that you realize you are oppressed and poor, unimportant t0 government. Your anger means you’re paying attention. The world has to change, an unchanging world scares me worse than a world that is getting worse. Apathy is a plague. It’s time to stamp that apathy out.

I have hope, hope that the humans on this earth are getting fed up with an unequal, unfair and irresponsible world system. People are tired of greed and corruption. People are tired of  being worried.

Can the world rise up and challenge this system? I do believe it can. However, don’t wait until the next financial crisis to launch a revolution, start now studying, working and waiting. Start organizing. Get involved in a Marxist political party. Fight for equality. Talk to people about what’s wrong with the world. Don’t be afraid of making them angry. Provoke people to thought.

Is revolution possible? No, it is imperative. Can the world working class work together to bring down capitalism? Can they get angry enough to do something about it? I sure hope so.


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One thought on “Hope

  1. Thanks for holding Obama accountable. Few do. Lotsa love!

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