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Black Books

I’m back after a short break, shorter than I anticipated to be honest. I’ve been very busy with personal obligations, but I am here to talk to you once again.

Today I was in a bookstore near Tokyo Station, and decided to browse their rather decently large English section on politics and nearby subjects and such. I noticed that most of what they were selling their was liberalism, neo-liberalism, and then some more liberalism. There were to be fair, a few books by Chomsky, and one or two by Zizek, but not much else besides those authors. It doesn’t really surprise me though. Corporate bookstores probably don’t want to propagate communist or socialist ideas, especially in conservative and rabidly capitalistic Japan. (It has to try to keep up with mimicking the self destructive actions of its master, the US, that has used Japan as its imperialistic rug for the past 60 odd years.)

I’ve recently had conversations with a few rabid foaming at the mouth conservatives (fascists more like) who aside from being unable to stand reading cusswords (I can just picture them fainting: “Lawd have mercy, that sailor’s tongue has given me the vapahs” *thud*) and saying why they think that getting an abortion should be met with the death penalty; they like to talk about how communism supposedly killed anywhere from 2.5 people to a trillion. (The numbers always vary of course. Made up numbers always do.) They quote debunked studies by the likes of anti-communist crusader RJ Rummel of the University of Hawaii (Well, he’s from a university and claimed to be a Nobel Prize nominee, even though Nobel committee keeps that information secret for 50 years, proving he’s a deluded  liar but I digress) and the ridiculous propaganda book titled “The Black Book of Communism” written by some rabidly anti-socialist probably syphilitic Frenchman.

Now, those numbers have been torn apart by many people, and the claims they both make are ridiculous. Why though, is there not yet a book that tallies up the real human cost of Capitalism? The number would be astounding. Just start thinking about it. How many died in WW1 (Yes, fought by capitalist states) or in the holocaust (private business was protected by Hitler, and unions banned), how about by the US and all its imperialistic wars against various countries?  3 million in Vietnam, a million in Iraq and Afghanistan, and too many more to list here. How about the millions that died in the Transatlantic slave trade? (Yes, millions.) Or how about the millions of deaths in the Great Depression? (An estimated 7 million people died.) How about the full prisons of the US? The executions (many of them innocent and or falsely convicted) the ghettoizing of minorities groups leading to death and destruction. How about the poverty that kills millions in the US due to lack of readily available medical care? How about the homeless that starve to death in the cold, that freeze to death, all the while we have more homes than people. How about the thousands of US soldiers that have been killed in pointless imperialistic war? How about the genocide of Native Americans? 

Maybe if someone writes this book, it can help open the eyes of the American people to the reality of the capitalist hell hole they live in. Capitalism KILLS. And it’s about time to put an end to the bloodbath.


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One thought on “Black Books

  1. You would love “May Day” books here in Minneapolis. It’s amazing. Heaven. ~ As for your article, I adore this part, “Why though, is there not yet a book that tallies up the real human cost of Capitalism?”

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