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The 2012 US Election

Tuesday’s election was a win for the incumbent, Barack Obama, and a continuation of near the same balance between parties in Congress. In reality though, it was a vote for the status quo. What does this election mean? How is the rabid right wing taking it? And what is going to happen to the USA?

Rabid Response

The response of the GOP crazies to the election was over the top and over the edge. Tea party poster child and former SNL star Victoria Jackson took to twitter to lament that “America has died.” she also gave a tongue lashing to Christian for allowing Obama to be reelected. Donald Trump, poster child for worst hair on a public personality ever, called for revolution. Just against whom, I can’t imagine seeing since he already has millions of dollars and is firmly in the capitalist class that rules the country. Rabid squirrel brain having Ted Nugent,\ went on a badly spelled twitter rant, yelling that “pimps whores and welfare brats” voted for “economic and spiritual suicide”. He also called anyone getting government assistance “subhuman”.

The talking heads on Fox “news” went into a spiral of depression and denial Tuesday night, as Karl Rove tried to deny that Obama had won. Bill O’Reilly lamented the death of a “traditional” “White” America. He also equated this demographic shift to laziness, and wanting handouts.

While it is not surprising that the rabid right responded to this election with racist rants and old rich white people feeling sorry for themselves, I would not recommend anyone breathe a sigh of relief. See, contrary to popular opinion, Barack Obama is really not all that progressive, and not much of a leftist. He’s not a socialist. He is most definitely not a communist. I’ll tell you what he is.

Barack Obama is a war mongering capitalist imperialist.

Guantanamo Bay, still open. Afghanistan, still being fought. Thousands and thousands of dead and wounded soldiers, with more being wounded almost every day. The US is maintaining more than 750 bases all around the world, in more than 150 countries. We are helping the human rights abusing rebels in Syria, giving Israel more ammo to drop on Palestinians, we are still embargoing Cuba, we are still threatening Hugo Chavez, we are continuing NDAA, the PATRIOT act, drone surveillance of our own citizenry,
and on and on and on.

Obama is in effect, Dubya 2.0. So there must be a reason that the GOP, and the neocons hate him. Oh right, he’s black. Forgot about that.

I hope these gun wielding crazy assholes do start something. If the US is too busy destroying its own government then it cannot attack other countries. I hope it all devolves into a anarchic chaos filled pile. But it probably won’t, because Americans are afraid to fight for their own political future. They’re too scared to actually press for systemic change, and even the brain damaged reactionaries on the right are all talk and no walk. No surprise there.

So what’s the plan now? Oh, I suppose another 4 years of the status quo? What are you going to do about it? Nothing?


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One thought on “The 2012 US Election

  1. BAM!!!!! I don’t know what to do except start making the list of buildings I’d like to blow up (just kidding FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc. etc. etc.) ~ In the meantime, my fellow Americans will accept any leadership which makes them feel safe; few seem to give a shit about anyone but themselves. ~ In reality, I will try to continue to LOVE and use the power of the pen.

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