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Chavez Does it Again

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has won a 4th term in office after winning the presidential election against his foe, Henrique Caprilles. Various news outlets have reported dancing and celebrations in the streets of Venezuela, as the nation’s poor and working classes celebrated their beloved president’s reelection. Hugo Chavez has devoted his time in office to improving the lives of the poor of Venezuela, and standing up against US imperialism, not only in South America, but in the rest of the world as well. He is a supporter and ally of Fidel Castro and the Cuban people, helping them with aid and receiving medical care in Cuba as well. The lives of many Venezuelans have been improved by Chavez’s stalwart defense of the poor, and he has done much to build up a great socialist democracy. ¬†In spite of assassination attempts by the US government, he has survived, and thrived in his political career. This blog wishes to congratulate Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela on their socialist revolution, and I wish them the best of luck for the next six years.¬†Felicitaciones al pueblo de Venezuela! Hasta la victoria siempre!!!


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