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Palestine: My Stance

It is high time for me to address my view on Palestine and Israel on this blog. It will also necessitate a discussion about Islamophobia and the dangers it holds for the left. Let’s begin, shall we?

A short history of the state of Israel

Why is there a state called Israel? Why does it exist? After all, before 1948 it did not exist. I’m going to give you a very short history of the state of Israel right now. Put on your thinking cap, and learn something.

The area called Palestine has been ruled throughout the centuries by many different groups, including the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the European crusaders, and the Ottoman empire among others. The varying fights over the land and its holy sites in the three Abrahamic religions created a patchwork of different religious areas, mostly Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Fast forward to the 19th century, for this is where we begin our story, where we understand the roots of Zionism.

Zionism is a movement that was started in the late 19th century that advocated a national state for the Jews in Palestine. In 1890 the Jewish population of Palestine was quite small, accounting for only 11% of the population of Palestine. The rest of Palestine was a mixture of Christians, Druze, Muslims and other ethnic and religious groups. It was a diverse land of many faiths and traditions, rich in heritage and culture. While the Zionist movement started off innocently enough, as Jews fled persecution in other countries, it became something more. Some Jews wanted an exclusively Jewish state, one that would drive out all the other religions and traditions. The idea of ethnic cleansing is no way to begin a goal for a new state, and it certainly didn’t help the Jews any. The area of Palestine came under British rule, who would help them establish the state of Israel in 1948. They had shoved the native Palestinians off their land, pushed them to the margins and wrenched control of the country out of the hands of the people who had lived there for centuries upon centuries. Not satisfied with mere immigration, they set up a “Jewish” state, a state defined by religion and ethnic identity, in a place where many different religions and ethnicities had once flourished.
After WW2 the immigration increased even further, and now they had a way to shut up anyone who was against their racist plans. Simply call anyone who disagrees an antisemite, and there ya go. Because being against apartheid South Africa means you hate white people, and being against Nazi Germany means you’re racist against Germans. Yeah, I know, that logic doesn’t really pan out, now does it?

1967 Onward

The Palestinian people have been demonized for fighting to regain their stolen land, their homes and their freedom. Yet the Western powers have no problem with the IDF shooting Palestinian children, bombing Palestinian villages, or razing Palestinian houses. Israel can do no wrong. After the short war in 1967, which Israel won thanks to imperialist US  military aid, Israel took the advantage and stole EVEN MORE Palestinian land. They said they wanted Palestine to be democratic, but then reneged and further isolated Palestine when they elected people the Israelis didn’t approve of. And they keep attacking, keep bombing, keep starving and blockading Palestine. They have murdered indiscriminately, they have blood on their hands. Yet, if you say this is wrong, you’re automatically antisemitic. They don’t want a debate about this issue, they don’t want a dialog, they want their way, no matter how many bodies they must roll over to get it. No other country in the world could get away with doing what Israel is doing. They are not special, they should not get a carte blanche to have a racist apartheid state. There have been numerous outspoken Jewish people who have lambasted Israel for their crimes against humanity, and they are ignored. Israel stands as a bulwark of Western Imperialism in the middle east, and until it falls, the region will not be stable.

The Solution

The solution is quite simple actually. Stop oppressing the Palestinians. Stop it now. Abolish the apartheid state of Israel, and reestablish the state of Palestine, a country that will respect all nationalities and religions, a country for all, not just the Jews. The rationale behind the state of Israel is not one that can hold up  under scrutiny. Nothing justifies the treatment of the Palestinian people. Nothing. It needs socialism, real internationalist socialism that values all human life, that helps all human beings, that does NOT define a country by the color of one’s skin, or the religion one follows.

Short Note on Islamophobia

But some argue that the Palestinians are bloodthirsty monsters who want to kill all the Jews and eat their babies. I have even heard leftists say this. Stoppit. Stop engaging in Islamophobia. It is just as wrong to stereotype and hate all Muslims as it is to stereotype and hate all Jews. Stoppit. I will write a post soon just focusing on the problem of Islamophobia on the left AND right, but for right now I’ll just say this: Stoppit. Muslims are people like anyone else, they’re not terrorists, they’re not evil, they are people. Enough with the bigotry already.


To create a better world, we need to bring people together, not further separate them. No leftist should be supporting the capitalist imperialist state of Israel that is guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, poverty, starvation and death. we need to stand for a one state solution, one state under a worker’s government that will look out for the good of all, and fuck the ethnic and religious differences. Until that ONE state solution comes to be, there will be no peace in the middle east.

inb4 “You’re an antisemite” BS



















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3 thoughts on “Palestine: My Stance

  1. Jane Cutter on said:

    One point you didn’t make that is important is supporting the right of return for Palestinians. Many Palestinians were driven from their homes, first in 1948 (see Elan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine) and then in subsequent wars. So their is a large Palestinian diaspora who are unable to return to their homeland, while anyone anywhere in the world who can claim to be Jewish is automatically allowed to “return” to Israel. There is in fact enough room in what is now the state of Israel to accommodate the returnees, but the Zionists don’t want to allow them back because they would end up with an “Arab” majority in apartheid Jewish state. So, an important intermediate demand is to support the right of return.

  2. BAM!!! As a half-Jew myself, this post is more than a must-read. I can’t begin to tell you the number of Christians that ignorantly defend the atrocities by the State of Israel, and by default, defend the country of Israel while wearing several blindfolds to the truths; truths you succinctly espouse in your post. Most, if not all the views I’m aware of are rooted in the “End Times” teachings of many Christian denominations. Thanks for this post! LOVE & PEACE.

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