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The Sorry State of the Left

I’ve kind of had it with lefties. I really have. So consider this my rant on the subject.

Anarchists, communists, “progressives”, socialists and the like: Attention. I’m calling you all out. I am sick to death of the death of intellectualism on the left. I am sick to death of the cowardice. I am sick of the petty fights and the factionalism. I am sick of the ignorance and sick of those who do nothing but uphold the status quo. I am sick of those who quote from Marx but don’t have an original thought in their heads. I am sick of those who defend everything that a so called socialist state does without any regard whatsoever to the actual material conditions, geopolitical situation, or the actual policies of said socialist country or government. I am sick of the dogmatism and sick of the myopia. Sick of the nationalism and sick of the complacency.

While the CPUSA upholds and supports a bourgeois electoral candidate, the “Trots” and the “real Marxist-Leninists” (AKA Stalinists) are battling over fights held decades ago that don’t mean a hill of beans in today’s context. I’ll admit that this is partially a self criticism as well. I’ve gotten caught up in the Trotsky-Stalin debate. It really doesn’t matter all that much. The world is changing, the world is evolving and we have to evolve with it. We have to develop new strategies, theories and  tactics. Is that what we’re doing? No. It is not. We are rehashing the old battles while the right wing takes over and pulverizes the world time and time again. We are complacent, we are fractured, we are losing.

So let this little rant be just a little bit of a battle cry. Fight for reason, fight for intellectualism, fight for science, and fight against nationalism. Fight against imperialism, not its shadows. Fight against capitalism. Work together and find real solutions to the problems we face. It is going to be different for different countries. We need to be flexible, and compromising in some situations. Most of all, we need a new age of critical thinking. Think rationally about the consequences of national and international politics. Let’s have this out. Leave aside your ego, and reach for understanding.

We can win the future. The future can be better. In order for that to happen though, the left needs to get its act together.

end rant


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4 thoughts on “The Sorry State of the Left

  1. The whole left project needs rethinking to bring it in line with modern circumstances. Otherwise the right will continue to dominate politics and cause more misery.

  2. Fudo Myoö on said:

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  3. Agree with afecg… I want to take the phrase, “Otherwise the right will continue to dominate politics and cause more misery” and put that on a bumper sticker. Peace.

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