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Occupy the Joke

Writing this is actually going to be quite fun. You see, when we were kids, you know how we’d get into those childish arguments? And when we’d have those quarrels we’d mimic the other person just to piss them off? Maybe changing a couple of words? Well, that kind of childish crap is now acceptable for famous (if brain damaged) conservatives in the US. Let me explain.

A liberal friend of mine just informed me about a new “movement” started by some well known conservative hacks, in a new campaign to attack and malign the Occupy movement. So who are we talking about here? We’re talking about the teabagger movement. The likes of Michelle “I’m racist against Japanese people” Malkin, and poor brain damaged Dana Loesch.

In the ironically named web-cesspool “Human Events” (A reference to the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence no doubt, since conservatives have to be planted firmly in the position of “dick rider of dead white men” at all times.) They have photos of their group leading the march, and references to how occupy was planning on blowing up the Federal Reserve. (*Facepalm*) (Not true at all of course)

So ironically they set out to prove that occupy is lying, that they’re all rapists, and that only conservatives who want to deny poor old black people the right to vote are the right ones to support.

I don’t think their march was very successful though. Take a look at these pictures:

It has this caption: “We also went out to the Cuyahoga National Park Bridge to bring awareness to the terrorist activities of the Democrat-endorsed Occupy movement.”

Wow, you guys are jokes. Sad sad jokes. The only punchline here is that they actually meant to be taken seriously.

What a joke.



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One thought on “Occupy the Joke

  1. Speaking as an actual dickrider of the living (just sayin’)… I just about choked on my oatmeal after i saw this. Your choice of the word sad is being kind. Peace.

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