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Romney and Israel

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is in Israel today to polish his (non-existent) foreign policy credentials. The former governor of Massachusetts is trying valiantly to capitalize on what the GOP sees as a crack in Obama’s defense, his apparent rocky relationship with the state of Israel. What’s interesting is that the Democrat and Republican position on the much disliked terrorist government of Israel are almost identical. Both parties are fully invested in continued support for their illegal puppet state, as it has continued for many years to be the foothold of US imperialism in the region. Romney and Obama are both outdoing themselves to suck up to the state of Israel, or more accurately, the evangelical rabid right wing in the US. Obama recently signed an agreement to send more civilian and military aid to Israel, but it may not be enough for Israel and it’s ignorant supporters in the US. Romney is touting a plan wherein he puts on the table more offensive tactics to show his support for the apartheid state. He said that Iran poses a huge threat to the state of Israel, and that he is willing to, not only support an offensive attack against Iran by Israel, but would put on the table the possibility of a US military strike on Iran. This all stems from a nuclear program in Iran that the government claims is merely for peaceful power purposes. (That’s some alliteration eh?) Even though Iran has not attacked Israel, these military industrial complex loving hawks in the US and Israeli governments are threatening to attack Iran. Let’s think about that logically. The US, which is responsible for the sole two times that nuclear weapons have EVER been deployed on a civilian populace, and Israel, which has been responsible for countless acts of aggression against its neighbors and its inhumane and evil treatment of the Palestinians, considers IRAN a threat. Both of those countries, responsible for brutal amounts of human rights abuses are threatening to attack a country that never attacked them. Religion doesn’t make this OK. Geopolitics doesn’t make this OK. This is hypocrisy, and a hypocrisy that will end up killing untold thousands of people.

It gets worse though. This would be like throwing a match into a pile of kerosene soaked hay. The world is not a vacuum, and when one act is taken by a country or two for their own selfish benefit, it could have lasting repercussions on people around the globe, especially with how interconnected the world is right now. Neither Russia or China, two large powers with growing economies would stand by ad let this kind of action go unanswered. Both rely heavily on Iranian oil for their industrial and power needs, and this action would likely end in a multi-front war. You can’t just invade or attack any country you like and pretend there wouldn’t be any consequences. This foreign policy line by both the democrats and republicans is just yet another example of their utter incompetence in the job of governing the largest economy in the world. They act with reckless abandon, destroying millions of lives while padding their own pockets. You can only roll that dice so many times before you get the snake eyes. The US has for the last century, built up a foreign policy based on bad ideas and worse execution, and it is one that will ultimately destroy this government, and by proxy the Israeli one as well. The US will not be top dog forever. Indeed, we are already seeing a changing of the guard in terms of power in both hard and soft power. The People’s Republic of China has a growing economy, the fastest in the world, and second only in size to that of the US. It is also developing a modern military, one to rival the US in numbers and technology. In spite of this, the government of the US is ignoring the writing on the wall. The oppressed nationalities of the world will not forever put up with this bullshit. They will only be walked over so many times. From the financial crises in Europe, to the fights over disputed territory in the South China sea, the world right now is a kindling box waiting for a spark. The US government is on its last match, and is threatening to throw it.

We need a new kind of foreign policy in the US. End the wars, bring all the troops home. Invest in education and infrastructure. Most of all, before that can really happen, the US is in dire need of a complete and total overhaul of its political system. We need to get the entrenched bourgeoisie out of government, and throw some of them in prison for their crimes against humanity. End the religious control of the US, end the reign of the robber baron banksters, and bring a new era to the USA. We need more than reform, we need a revolution. Not only of government, but in how we see the world. I hope that the people of the USA will see the light of day, and realize that their quaint vision of the world is myopic and wrong. Stop protesting for the banks to be nicer. Burn the banks. Stop protesting for an end to the Citizens United ruling; overthrow the government. Stop pretending anyone gives a shit about the constitution and write new one already. Stop worshiping the founders, and start taking hold of the present that you have. It’s time for the world to move into the future, it’s time for a better world. It’s time for socialism.


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One thought on “Romney and Israel

  1. To quote, “We need more than reform, we need a revolution.” YES! I need out of this mire called the USA. sigh. Thanks for your words, Tim.

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