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Keep Calm and Carry On

The comedian Bill Maher had some advice for the Occupy movement recently. On his popular show “New Rules” he stated that he thinks it’s time for Occupy to change their tactics, saying :

“Instead of organizing interstate hootenannies, maybe it’s time for Occupy Wall Street to actually participate in the American political process. That means, boring stuff like canvassing neighborhoods, raising money, running candidates for office, manning phone banks and making a baby with John Edwards.”

Yes, occupy. The whole marching in the streets thing, banging drums, getting arrested, fighting fascist cops, staying out in the cold and the rain day after day that was all leading up to this moment, when we realize our real goal, our real aim, the thing we have been working so hard for, for so many months. That goal, that aim is: (Drum-roll please)


You see, the real problem is that there aren’t enough Democrats in office. Now, I know we’ve held power, well, still hold power in the Senate and the Presidency, but those pesky Republicans just keep throwing monkey wrenches in our gears, screwing things up for us, being the rascally little obstructionists that they are. What’s that? We had control of the house and senate before 2010? We didn’t even pass a budget while we had the chance? What’s that? Democrats voted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? What’s that? The democrats support giving more money to the racist state of Israel? What’s that? The democrats time after time after time have reneged on their promises of social and economic progress? What’s that? The Democrats are just as corporate owned as the Republicans? What’s that? What we really need is systemic political and economic change that overhauls and replaces our current system?

No. I will not stand by while millionaire assholes like Maher whine poetic about how occupiers need to just get involved in the American political process. We can’t because to succeed in the American political process you need the support and money of the capitalist class, the class we are aiming on taking down. Do you understand that Maher? Can you get that through your thick fucking skull? We aren’t going to ask permission to have human rights, we will only get them by TAKING them. Rip what you want from the hands of the oppressor. Don’t wait for them to throw you scraps from their almighty fucking table. Knock the goddamn table over and take what you want. For too long the proletariat has been forced to produce, produce, produce, while the capitalist takes all the profit. It has resulted in poverty, war, death, starvation, strife and the coming death of our planet’s ecosystems. No, I won’t just get involved electing another lame ass Democrat into a pointless office. This whole system is rotten and corrupt to its very core. Tear it down. Burn the buildings and monuments. Stop fucking asking for permission. Kick the ass of the bourgeoisie and let’s build a better society, a better world with our hands, together.

Do you get it now Maher? We’re not the left wing equivalent of the tea party. We’re the modern, updated version of the Sans Culottes.

Nah you don’t get it.


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13 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. Think you didnt quite get his point. It wasnt to elect more democrats (which has proved fruitless) but to elect enough people (or defeat a few of the incumbents) with the backbone to not play the game which would force the democrats to do what they promise. Compared it to the “tea party” and its control of the idiots. Yes it takes money and the odds of winning a senate race or governor is zero because of money but a congressional race is possible. Specially ones that include a large state university campus. Or build unions. It isnt a question of taking human rights. By definition we already have them. It is a question of defending human rights. You cannot do that without power.

    • No, I did get his point. His point was very clear. Don’t rock the boat, don’t demand a new system, just try to get a few little reforms here and there through this one. It’s bogus, it’s pointless and I reject it. We don’t need to work in this system because this system is broken, it wasn’t made to be democratic, it was MADE to be plutocratic. The way forward is to advocate the abolition of this system, and NOW.

      • You need to watch it again. What he did say is singing folk music on I95 is not rocking the boat. He did say that the way to get large reforms instead of smaller reform was to get a sizeable enough group to say no, just like the “tea party” did to the nutcase party. You can advocate the abolition of the system all you want and no one will pay attention. Win a few elections and you will get the disproportionate response needed for people to notice and change. Like it or not the only tool in the box are elections.

        • The only tool in YOUR box may be elections, but I do not surrender my right to fight for a new system because of your cowardice.

          • I expect phrasing like that from the nutcase party. Instead of replying with the tools that you have and how they can be used for abolition of the current system you challenge my courage. Is my manhood next? or just a question asking me when I stopped kicking my dog? No one asked you to surrender any rights (overthrowing the system is what Jefferson thought should happen periodically – also is in the Declaration of Independence). But if you are not going to use elections how do you plan on doing it? The nutcase party has been working on this for almost 50 years – through elections.

          • No, the nutcase party had what they wanted from the beginning. They didn’t have to overthrow anything. They had a plutocracy from the start. Jefferson was a slave owner. The original government had voting rights for only the white, landowning male. Revolution can only be achieved through a qualitative, not a quantitative change. Why are you so determined to hang onto a system that has caused the deaths of millions, endless war, poverty, and class stratification? Why are you so loyal to it?

          • When Goldwater got the nomination in 1964 he defeated Rockefeller and the Republican party had as senators, Percy, Javits, Brooke, Dirksen not to mention a spate of liberal governors. The dogma then was defense and foreign policy. They were more pro business but Nixon raised taxes, formed the EPA. Regulation was accepted and school vouchers didnt exist. Nixon proposed a more universal healthcare system than the current one under attack. “right to life”, “death taxes” and various other meaningless slogans didnt exist. All of this (and more) was over thrown over the last 50 years. You are dangerously misguided and have no sense of history if you think they had what they wanted from the beginning. You have no idea what was lost. They made the qualitative change and got the quantitative.

            I’m not determined to hang on to anything. But it is time to stop being pointless and actually do something. If not using the ballot then what? havent heard any course of action from you yet except stand on the porch and say no.

            Slavery, deaths of millions, endless war, poverty, class: slavery was part of the birth of the US. It is a fact. But using it as an argument about the US in todays world is equivalent to using the bible to justify what should be societal behavior today. “deaths of millions”: big number, maybe. Am I suppose to defend what I dont agree with? I’m sure you dont agree with what was done in the Soviet Union. poverty: Johnson did a good deal to try to end it. Was one of the quantitative things that changed because of the qualitative change in discourse brought about by the nutcase party. Existence of class has nothing to do with government – government can foster and promote it but I’m starting to think it is part of human nature. Any group of humans will stratify. There seems to be some sort of basic need after reaching the limits of ones ability to increase the level of attainment widening the gap with others which along with the crab pot theory of society: all in a pot of boiling water, if one tries to escape hes pulled back into the pot, accounts for class.

            Endless war is the new invention. Endless War 1.0 was Vietnam. Didnt work out because of the draft, the courage of the news media and the personal nature of the killing. They did their homework and gave us endless war 2.0: no longer have a draft but use poverty to recruit the army, the news is now entertainment devoid of any information or context under the Orwellian “fair and balanced” and we use drones in a video game for the killing. Use to be that our wars lasted 4 years. Eisenhower gave a speech when he was leaving the presidency warning about the military/industrial complex. You need to read it.

            Some things should not be for profit. Health, Education are two. We need universal health care for everyone. Education at all levels should be free (or as close as we can get – charge according to financial ability). 401K’s are suppose to be the third leg of retirement savings (along with social security and pensions) – return them to what they are suppose to be. Bring our troops around the world home, reduce the army, navy air force to say the total of the top 3 countries in the world (instead of the top 20). Increase government research and make private industry paywhen they use it (support education with it). Basic idea is to come up with something concrete. Withe “qualitative, not a quantitative change” you get neither.

            So what do you propose to effect change? Bill Maher gave his. I gave mine.

          • I have, many times. Just not in this particular post. Succinctly put, abolish capitalism, close all military bases, close the stock exchange, seize the wealth of the rich and redistribute it, nationalize all means of production, for a start. You can’t act like this post here is all I’ve ever said, that’s fucking ridiculous. Bill Maher just wants more of the same.

          • “propose to effect change” is not just listing a christmas list. How are you going to effect change? I think we should have a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. Closing military bases is possible.Seize wealth? who the fuck is going to seize it?let alone redistribute it. We’re are not talking about a feudal system where land is wealth, people work the land so there is a natural distribution. Close the stock exchange and make worthless the only retirement path open to 40 million people? Nationalize production? How do you nationalize service industries? The major part of production is not in the US. There is nothing to nationalize. This christmas list is from the 1850’s. Time for a reboot. Again you are not relaying what Maher said. It was not more of the same. It was using the same machinery but not the same action. What he said is to have a group of elected representatives that will not compromise with the nutcases. That when the policy is to close prisons in Cuba they become closed, when a healthcare plan is being formulated you dont compromise before you start. He proposed exactly what is not the same: a group who will stand by their position.

          • I’m afraid it’s you who are out of touch. The US is the world’s largest manufacturer, and service industries do not make up the whole of the economy. The goal is a worker run economy, not one of by and for the capitalist class. Who would seize the wealth? What a ridiculous question. The workers seize the wealth they have had stolen from them for so long. I’m not going to write you a comprehensive manifesto in this comment section. What I will tell you, is to start reading, because you are clearly clueless about the economy, about class stratification, about class struggle, and about Marxism.

  2. Yes pick out the one thing that I should have quantified and placed in context but like the nutcase party ignore everything else because it doesnt fit into the programme. Yes the workers seize the wealth by one day waking up and simultaneously mounting their riding mowers (no one uses pitchforks anymore) and surrounding the factories. How about a law that says any company must first be offered to the workers? that existing contracts with workers be honored and future negotiation rights protected? There are two worker owned companies in the US they should be the model.

    No one is asking for a manifesto – they are boring and useless. Everyone knows the problems: eroding rights of workers, concentration of wealth. Everyone wants to hear what to do about it. “seizing wealth” is nonsense and you know it. Otherwise you would have said “how”.

    • Don’t make the argument then if you don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re going to get mad because I knocked down your ridiculous argument? Come up with a better argument then. Any company must first be offered to the workers? How is that possible when companies already exist? Put the existing companies in the hands of the workers? That’s what I just fucking said. Jesus dude. “Worker owned” companies are not usually actually worker owned in the US. No, cut up the contracts, they aren’t fair or right because they support a system that exploits workers.You think it’s impossible for the workers to seize the means of production? Let’s look at what your craven ideology really is. Appease the capitalist class, sell out the working class, hope to get a few scraps from the table and call it a day. You say the problem is in the concentration of wealth, yet you’re against redistribution of the wealth. You say that you’re for worker’s rights, but you’re against them controlling business instead of the capitalist class. You’re a capitalist through and through. I just wish liberals like you would just own up and admit that you’re on the side of the GOP, for capitalism and imperialism. Just own up to it. You’ll be a scumbag still, but at least you’ll be an honest scumbag.

  3. Too tired right now to read all the comments, but want to. Love this one Tim. Last line: “We’re the modern, updated version of the Sans Culottes.”

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