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Freedom of the Press: 2012

This needs to be put out there. It’s vital that people know, and understand what is going on. Right now in Chicago, the NATO summit is taking place. Thousands of people from across the country have rallied in the Windy City to speak out against the war crimes of NATO, and to demand peace instead of war. After a decade of continuous war, people have had enough. The streets are full of people, shouting, chanting, doing what they can to speak their mind, and speak it boldly.

There are those who don’t like this. For all the prattling on about American freedoms, it’s seeming that they’re going the way of the dinosaurs. What little freedom we had left, that is. The fascist state is trying to halt this freedom of speech by targeting the people who are showing these things to the world.  This has happened time and time again through all the Occupy protests. They attack those who are recording their evil deeds. They don’t want the world to see them tearing down signs, physically attacking protesters, and shutting up free speech. However, we live in the age of the internet, and these things will not stay hidden. We will not stay silent. There are dedicated citizen journalists on the streets every day, making sure that you get the information you need. Support them, spread the word about them, and help us build a better world. Please read the story I’m posting below, from a different site.


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