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Job Creators

You hear it all the time from the right wing. “If we have socialism, who will create the jobs?” You may think that this is a new line of reasoning, but it’s not. It goes way back in history, with a long story of subjugation and oppression. Let’s begin.

Divine Mandate

Throughout history, many different arguments were used to keep certain classes in subjection. From the Romans and their slave state, to the feudalism of Europe, the lower classes were kept in their place. How did they do this? Well, they did it in a variety of ways. One of these ways was called “the divine right of kings.” They asserted that a monarch’s power came from above. That nobles were better than regular commoners, and that commoners were not fit to run government or society. The working classes had little to no say in their lives, their economics, or government. They were told that a better class had the upper hand, that they would do well to listen and obey that upper class. After all, if there was no monarch, who was to rule? Who was to make the laws? How would society function?

In Japan, the emperor was considered a deity. As in Europe, nobles controlled the economy and government. The people had no suffrage, they had no rights, they had no power. After, all, if the nobles didn’t rule, who would?

The ‘Job Creators’

Just as in those old times, when the life of man was nasty, brutish and short; the same kinds of people are ruling over you today. While we may not have as many monarchs in the world today, and even fewer who hold any political power, we still don’t have real democracy. The right openly argues against democracy, they claim that it will be mob rule, that a people cannot govern themselves. This in the US, a country founded on the ideal of self-government. The problem here, is that while the titles have changed, the reality has not. We are still not trusted to run our lives, our economies, or our government. Our president is not elected by popular vote, and congress consists of mostly rich white old men, as it did 200 years ago. They attack unions, claiming that they are greedy, all the while helping the CEOs who make tens of millions to get richer and pay fewer taxes.  Then they drop what they think is a bombshell on us:

“The rich are the job creators, if there is no wealthy capitalist class, who will make the jobs?”

Let me answer that. We will make the jobs. We don’t need to eat because a rich man exists. We don’t need to have entertainment because a rich man exists. We don’t need to be clothed because a rich man controls the economy. We don’t need transportation just because there is a guy with billions of dollars of stolen worker’s labor. Who will make the jobs? WE WILL. Who will make the laws? WE WILL. Who will control our lives? WE WILL. No more buying into this false narrative. No more believing that somehow the rich capitalist class always knows what’s best for us.

Who creates the jobs? The writers write, the painters paint. The tech guys write code, and build technology. Pilots fly planes, and teachers teach. Cooks make food, and fisherman fish. In all those and every occupation, who needs a rich guy taking all their value that they produce? Who needs someone who will control them? Workers desire liberty in their work, and in their lives. In capitalism they have none, they are shackled to the economic desire of the hedonistic slugs who suck the life out of them, killing their creativity. We don’t need “job creators”, we need economic freedom. We don’t need “job creators”, we need jobs. We don’t need “job creators”, we need socialism.

We need “job creators” like a fish needs a bicycle.

Workers of the world, rise up. All you need is what you already have.


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  1. Some genuinely nice stuff on this site, I love it.

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