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Living Vicariously, Politically

Communists in the US of A have had it rough for a long time. The first Red Scare took place in 1919-21, and a second, more famous Red Scare in the 50s. The largest communist party was the Communist Party USA, which was a member of the Moscow led COMINTERN, or the Third Communist International. They had opposed war and racism, and worked to help workers with strikes, and direct political action. The rightist forces in the US worked hard to demonize and silence the voices of the radical left, and were largely successful in their witch hunt campaigns. They broke down the Communist Party, attacking its base, deporting its immigrant supporters, and generally made a complete mockery of what was supposed to be American political freedom.

Of course the CPUSA wasn’t the only socialist outfit around. There were others, some who came later, some who had been around for a long time. Parties such as the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and the Socialist Party USA, among others, continued to fight for socialism. In spite of all the left’s hard work, they had been attacked, imprisoned, blackballed, and worse. Their numbers had fallen, and they were heavily weakened. Some parties decided to fight on, some withered away.

Fast forward to after the fall of the USSR. Some communist parties in Europe changed their names, and abandoned Marxism altogether. Some independent communist parties, like the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) continued to fight in their respective countries for a socialist future, with some measure of success. Right now, for example, the JCP has over 400,000 members, 15 members of the Japanese Diet (parliament), 105 prefecture assembly members, and 2,661 municipal assembly members. I’m not here to talk about the  ideology of the JCP, and whether or not I agree with their line, I’m going to use them as an example to make a point.

The CPUSA has abandoned their status as a party.  They have become a left wing faction of the Democratic Party; a party that gains millions in campaign contributions from the likes of J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and GE. They have advanced such policies as drone attacks, the scam of Cap and Trade instead of real green initiatives, they have supported bank bailouts and and imperialist war. Many Democrats are anti-choice, don’t support gay marriage, and are in effect completely conservative. The Democratic party is a completely bourgeois party, one that does not care for workers, and one that is working actively to sustain and advance capitalism around the world. This is the party that the CPUSA officially supports. They are actively giving support to a capitalist, imperialist party. They can argue all they like that it’s just a strategy, that it is only for now, but those protestations are falling on skeptical ears. The American people, and the working classes of the world have suffered long under the scourge of American capitalist imperialism, and they need an alternative, not a capitulation.

My point in highlighting the popularity and success of the JCP, is that we in the US, at the very least, need an opening for greater democracy. Instead of fighting for an opening up of the US political system, allowing the growth of parties other than the Republicans and Democrats, the CPUSA is actively supporting and advancing the interests of the capitalist bourgeois imperialist state. They are not trying to build a working class movement, they are trying to give their support to a party that hates them, and reviles them. Recently when the especially batshit crazy Allen West made a claim that 80 members of congress were communists, the Democrats only response was to attack them back by letting everyone know how much the Democratic party hates communists. THIS is the party that the CPUSA is supporting. Instead of building their own party, working with the poor and working of America to struggle for political change, they are actively supporting and touting Obama and his NDAA, his bombing of Libya his sad sorry sack of a fucking excuse for health care reform. The American people need real change, economically, politically, and socially. That change is never going to happen with radical socialist parties selling out to the status quo. Real, working class support can be built, but not like this. All the CPUSA is doing is working for their own demise.

So CPUSA, either work for communism, or give the name up so real communists can use it.

And that goes for any of you socialists and communists who are supporting Obama. Stop supporting the bourgeoisie, stop supporting imperialism, stop supporting the Democratic party. We want a new government, a new system. Stop acquiescing to the Democrats. Stop thinking that the American radical left can somehow live vicariously through the Democratic Party.

Dear American left: Please grow a fucking backbone.


P.S. I guess by look to the future they mean the long, long distance before they effect any real change for the American people.




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3 thoughts on “Living Vicariously, Politically

  1. Venture Capitalist on said:

    “Dear American left: Please grow a fucking backbone.” – yeah thats a way to win people over..hey dumbass the American people left or right don’t want communism. Try taking an economics class since you have no clue… I’m a moron who thinks he’s original. I have nothing of value to say.

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