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The Badge won’t Protect You

Howard Morgan was a Chicago police officer. He was off duty, and driving his car. He allegedly went the wrong way down a one way street, and was pulled over. He is African-American. The cops who pulled him over shot him 28 times. Somehow he lived. He was just sentenced to 40 years in prison, after being tried (illegally) twice for the same alleged crime. The CPD alleges that he shot at the cops who pulled him over, although this was never proven in court. In fact, they failed to even test his hand or his gun for gunpowder residue. He maintains that he never fired his weapon at all. The first trial (accused of attempted murder), ended in a mistrial, so they changed the  charge slightly, and tried him again. A 40 year prison sentence for this man is the same as a life sentence.  In spite of a botched investigation, a failed trial, a corrupt court has managed to sentence this man to prison, for having been shot 28 times. This is the so called justice system we have. It is a corrupt, racist and nihilistic court system that would sentence this man to 40 years. Think about that officers, you could be next. Especially if you happen to not be white.  The badge won’t protect you. You can spend your whole lifetime protecting a system that is corrupt, but don’t expect justice when you’re caught on the wrong side. You are a cog in the wheel of our capitalist fascist police state, and you will be crushed one way or another. Get out of the oppression business, and help bring down this unjust system.

Men like him sit behind bars, kids like Trayvon Martin die, black people are targeted for arrest, yet war criminals go free. Financial criminals vacation in the Bahamas while 1/3 of all African-American males will face time behind bars in their lifetime. To end this racist system, we must end the capitalism that causes it. We must fight for the liberation of all peoples, that maybe one day we might have real justice.

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