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Stupid is

A well known phrase, uttered by an actor in a famous movie, has been repeated many many times. Before I do that, let me tell you what I’m talking about first.

It’s no secret to my twitter followers that I have a temper. When I see ignorance, it angers me. When I see injustice, it makes me mad. When I see the wholesale theft and slavery of the working classes, I am incensed. I go on the attack, I get mean.  Don’t expect me to mince words, don’t expect me to beat around the bush, don’t expect me to sugarcoat a damn thing. It’s just not my style. There is one thing that you can bet your last dollar I will do, and that is be honest about what I think. Part of being honest is calling out stupidity.  I will use words like “dipshit”, “dumbass” and “idiot”. Why do I use these words? Are the people I throw them at completely incapable of intelligent thought? Well, they might not be, but here comes the phrase, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Stupid is having a rich country that throws away ridiculous amounts of food, while the poor starve in the streets.

Stupid is having the best medical technology in the world while tens of thousands die every year from a lack of simple preventative care. Stupid is also the fact that so many Americans go bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills.

Stupid is having enough money for 750+ bases in 15o+ countries worldwide, while claiming we don’t have enough money for social security or medicare.

Stupid is claiming that our military and foreign policy is making us safer, while we make ever more enemies, alienate more countries, and kill more people in many wars in many countries.

Stupid is claiming that Iran is  threatening us while we surround them with bases, ships, soldiers and invasions.

Stupid is claiming that Iran or North Korea is a threat to world peace, when neither have invaded a country in the last 50 years, while we have invaded more than I care to count.

Stupid is having a government that is mostly white and male, for a country that is increasingly not.

Stupid is being a racist to cover up your own sad insecurities.

Stupid is thinking that a multi-national corporation whose mission is to make as much money as possible, has your best interests at heart, but those that fight for democracy and social justice are somehow embroiled in sinister motives.

Stupid is thinking that we have freedom while we oppress the people.

Stupid is thinking we have democracy or freedom while our elections are bought and sold on the open market.

Stupid is having a failing education system, increasing crime, crumbling infrastructure, splintering and polarized country, war mongering, huge economic inequality, dying economy and more, while shutting our eyes to the problems we face and screaming that we’re # 1!!!

Stupid is the neo-liberal, capitalist imperialist policies that have left the world a shattered, smoking pile of rubble. It is the fact that with all of our technology and money, we cannot seem to end poverty. We can’t solve the smallest of our problems, because we can’t realize one simple goddamn fact:

Stupid is continuing a self-destructive system called capitalism, when there is a much better way.

Smart is working for a better future, a peaceful world, taking the resources we have to meet the needs of all people, everywhere.

Stupid is as stupid does. And our capitalism does some pretty stupid shit.

So, are you a fucking idiot? If not then help bring down capitalism.


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