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Japanese Sovereignty & US Hegemony

Ever since the end of WWII, U.S. forces have been stationed in Japan. Although the country is no longer a threat to its neighbors, or anyone, and is an officially pacifist nation, the U.S. has opportunistically used Japan as its footstool since the 1940s. The Japanese people are tired of the foreign occupation, and rightfully want the US troops gone.

In a recent story from Japan Times, the U.S. government is asking the government of Japan to fork over about a billion dollars US to aid the movement of Marines based in Okinawa to Guam. This is going back on the US government’s promise to shoulder the costs alone. Even though the US is trying to move fewer Marines than it promised, it not only wants Japan to pay the agreed amount (82 billion Yen) but pay more on top of that as well. This is another example of the weight of the US’s occupation of this island archipelago nation. While Japan struggles to raise itself from heavy debt, a sluggish economy, and problems arising from last year’s earthquake and tsunami, the US government, in its greed, is trying to walk all over the people of Japan.

This is a common occurrence, and one that the Japanese are well familiar with. In a related story, Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba traveled to Okinawa, negotiating parts of the movements of the Marine bases in Okinawa. The US government wants to relocate Marines within the prefecture, a plan that has been met with fierce opposition by the people of Okinawa, who dislike the foreign military presence in their homeland.

As I have said on this blog before, I support the right of self determination for Japan, and the immediate departure of all foreign bases from Japan. It’s time to return sovereignty to the people of Japan, who have been denied this right by imperialists for so long.

Free Japan from American hegemony, NOW.


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