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Obama the Right Wing Failure: Guest Writer

It was pointed out to me by @HermitLiberal on twitter, that I was not nearly comprehensive enough in my excoriation of the failures of Obama. While I was trying to make a simple point, and not trying to write comprehensively, he made some damn good points. Here they are:

Here’s a list of some more things Obama has failed at that you missed in your blog.

Transparency- Candidate Obama pledged governmental transparency and to protect whistle blowers. Not only has Obama failed to commit himself to transparency (including having secret meetings with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies early in his presidency which helped shape his lackluster support for real Health Care Reform), his administration has gone after more whistle blowers than any previous administration in recent history. This includes international hero Bradley Mannings, whose brave deeds illuminated multiple crimes committed by the US, including the killing or two Reuter’s reporters. Rather than protect his commitment to transparency and shield Mannings from prosecution, he allowed Mannings to be taken into custody, where he has been tortured and denied his constitutional right to a speedy trial.

Attacking Alternative Sources of Media and violation of personal privacy- Using Bradley Manning’s as an excuse, Obama’s ‘Justice’ Department has gone after Wikileaks, discrediting them as a journalist institution and declaring them as an enemy. They’ve collaborated with Sweden in an attempt to have Julian Assange expedited to the US, where they intend to imprison him for the rest of his natural life as a vendetta against his journalistic exploits that caused personal embarrassment to America. In the administrations personal vendetta against Manning’s and Assange, they’d violated people’s personal privacy, demanding networks like Yahoo, Google, and Twitter to hand over the personal information of anyone they deem to have connections with these two, and implemented a gag order that would prevent these companies from notifying to users that they have turned over that user’s personal information to the government.

Ending Free Speech- Recently, Obama has begun clamping down on the First Amendment’s guarantee to free speech. The other day he signed a bill which would prevent peaceful protestors from gathering in areas where those protected by the secret service will be. This grants the government unprecedented power to end any peaceful demonstration or protest by appointing secret service protection (effectively one agent) wherever a protest emerges. Additionally, it would prevent protests in some federal buildings and further widen the gap between elected government officials and their constituents. Additionally, the president has moved this years G8 conference to Camp David to prevent protests. This sets an alarming precedence, as this could lead to a trend of conferences and other events that could incur protest to be held in places where protestors are not allowed. These two events, along with the aforementioned attack on freedom of press, form an all to disturbing attack on one of our countries most cherished amendments to the constitution; the 1st amendment.

Financial Reform- Despite his election being a referendum of the direction of our country’s economy, President Obama has failed to institute any meaningful financial reform. The toothless, watered down Dodd/Frank bill, which is now being held hostage in congress; wouldn’t have even prevented the next market collapse like the one in 2008. It’s lacking strong regulations and an independent bureau, free from moneyed interests, to implement and enforce these regulations. It doesn’t reform the corrupted governmental regulatory agencies whose job is supposed to be to keep tabs on Wall Street and banking, but instead continues to keep these bloated, ineffective, tax dollar draining agencies in service; despite their utter lack of preventing any of the illegal, immoral transactions that led to the financial collapse; even being complacent to the very groups they were supposedly monitoring.

Oil Disaster- After the oil spill in 2010, which was caused by a lack of oversight and implementation of already existing regulations, Obama failed to make any changes. Rather than place a moratorium on deep sea drilling until a time when such a crisis can be contained if one develops; Obama’s administration continued to rubber stamp more authorizations to drill in the deep seas, including some made by the very company that caused the spill; BP. Despite this incident bringing to light the failures of a contigency plan and exposing illegal practices of falsifying documents to the government to get them to improve drilling; no overview or reform of process was made. It’s entirely possible that every rig in the gulf did not have proper documentation when authorized; yet know investigation was formed to determine if these rigs are safe and meeting all federal requirements. Plus, no one was ever held accountable for the deaths of the rig workers, which constitutes as manslaughter under our legal system for willful endangerment and a callous lack of concern for life.

Nuclear Promise Broken- It’s often forgotten that Obama promised not to pursue any more nuclear power until we can come up with a viable way to safely store spent nuclear materials. No attempt to been made in that regard, but his administration has continued to pursue Nuclear energy as a viable alternative energy source.


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