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Democrats: The Lesser of Two Evils?

As I’m sure you’re aware of, it’s election year. The bourgeois parties are having their little fight to see who will ascend to the top. There are some on the left who think that their only choice is to vote democrat, because the “ultra-right” is way worse of an option. We are supposedly held hostage by our bourgeois system, and must only hope for the least worst option. After all they say, hasn’t Obama done some good things?  Hasn’t he changed things a bit?   My long and drawn out answer to that question lies below. Warning to those easily offended: strap into your seat belt, sit down or whatever. You’re not going to like this, Dems.

What Have the Dems Done: The Clinton Years

Let’s start back in the time of Clinton. I could start much further back, and go over the internment camps of FDR, or the attacks on Cuba by JFK, or the imperialism of Jimmy Carter, but let’s just start a bit earlier for time’s sake.

William Jefferson Clinton. President of the US. I think people genuinely liked this guy, he seemed nice. Too bad that most Americans cannot seem to think deeper than that about a presidential candidate. And so the man from Hope was elected. And what happened after that? Let’s take a look.

One of the first things Clinton did in office was to perpetuate the imperialist policies of his Republican predecessor, Bush, in the impoverished country of Haiti. I’m sure that helped the people of Haiti a hell of a lot. Overthrow their government, subjugate them to the ridiculous enslaving policies of the IMF, and dictate to the Haitian people what their government can and cannot be. The result of Clinton’s attacks on Haiti was even more poverty, crime, corruption and despair. That’s a “progressive”. What else did he do? Well, to continue we’ll be getting away from Haiti, which you can read about here:

Moving on. Clinton was an imperialist, we can see that in Haiti, and many of his other actions during his 8 years in office. What else did he do? He helped lead the charge to destroy the welfare system in America. He campaigned in 1992 on the promise to “End welfare as we know it”. And he kept that promise.

Enough about him though. Read up. See what he did. He was nothing more than another in a long line of capitalist imperialist presidents.

Moving on to:

Obama: Change?

Here’s a list I found of the things Obama has accomplished so far:

1. Escalated an failing war in Afghanistan, leading to even more suffering among the civilians and the Taliban in the nation.

2. Overthrew the left-wing democratically elected President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, since he was a threat to US interests.

3. Backed the failed Coup through the State Department that attempted to overthrow the disobedient left-wing President, Raphael Correa.

4. Sent various agents, trained in Fort Benning, to Venezuela to reduce the popularity of Hugo Chavez.

5. Signed a Healthcare Bill that is essentially a giveaway to insurance companies without the limitation of public option or cost control.

6. Refused to cut unfair tax cuts for those earning $250,000 and above.

7. Bombed Yemen and made an agreement to cover it up as a Yemeni government operation.

8. Set up a stronger central government in Iraq under extreme control under the US State Department.

9. Lied about closing Guantanamo Bay.

10. Refuses to do ANYTHING about climate change, as well as continuing to ignore the Kyoto Protocol.

So called communists in the Communist Party USA are supporting this man for president in 2012. He has done nothing but continue American imperialism, helped big business, hired people from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, he’s thrown Bradley Manning in jail for exposing US war crimes, given tax cuts to the rich and rich corporations, he has threatened Iran with war for building nuclear power. He is a conservative, plain and simple. A bourgeois politician who works for the 1%.

Leftists: STOP. SUPPORTING. OBAMA. Stoppit. He is not a socialist, he is not even left of center. He is a member of the capitalist imperialist party of the democrats, and HE DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU.  Stop being swayed by the scraps they throw you from the table. Overthrow the table, set a new one up, big enough for everyone, and take your rightful place. Stop asking for permission to change the world. They’re not going to give it to you. Stop pretending that you’re making any fucking progress by supporting the democrats. Stoppit. The lesser of two evils is by definition EVIL. The democrats gave the bailouts to the banks and the corrupt car companies, BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars to the rich ruling class, lining their own pockets at our expense. STOPPIT. Abandon the so called democratic party and start working towards real socialism, and real change. What are you afraid of? That we might achieve something? That we might actually gain something? We will only get what we fight for. And if you’re supporting the democrats, you are not fighting for socialism. You are giving up, you are supporting a capitalist imperialist.

So, CPUSA, : Either stop supporting the democrats, or give up the name CPUSA so real communists can use it.

Rant finished.

P.S. That goes for  and other Obama supporting “communists” and “leftists” and “socialists, STOPPIT.


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One thought on “Democrats: The Lesser of Two Evils?

  1. I was a member of the CPUSA for about 6 months, which was just enough time for me to realize that their theory and tactics were completely revisionist. About my last month as a member of the party, there was a push to restore “a Leninist CPUSA” on facebook. I was invited by members of the YCP so I joined in. Unfortunately even THAT was reformist. You are completely correct in your analysis of the Democratic Party and the CPUSA’s attitude towards the Democratic Party. I would like to see a truly Marxist-Leninist working class movement arise in the USA, however, with the splintering of the Left I am left somewhat doubtful.

    -In Struggle

    Courtney Lawson

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