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The Jobs Myth

You’ve heard it all before. It’s election season and the Republicans are trying to make sure that it’s their hand in the money pocket for the next few years. They scream, yell, turn red in he face with their righteous indignation. You see, corporations just aren’t getting a fair shake at things. At every turn, from the EPA to the DOE and the ever sinister boogey man the IRS, companies are just too damn stifled to hire more workers, or pay those workers a living wage. Just ask Apple.

Apple has cash on its hands. When I say cash,  I mean a shit load of freaking cash. They are overladen with it. They have to spend some of it. Well, surely they can start paying better wages to the Foxconn workers in China, right? Maybe give raises to its American workers as well? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. It’s going to keep that money overseas, because the US government, like a bunch of meanies, will make the  company pay it’s share of taxes. Apple currently has 100 billion dollars in cash. That’s an insane amount of cash. With the US economy hurting, surely they’ll do the patriotic thing and bring that money back to the US, right? No dice was the answer from Apple CFO  Peter Oppenheimer. He says that paying any tax in the US in unacceptable. It’s acceptable for the company to use tax payer funded roads, be represented by the US government embassies overseas, to use an American educated workforce, to use electricity and water and all the infrastructure possible, but it is not acceptable for them to pay their 13% tax for bringing that money to the US. Not acceptable. Story here:

This is just another example of why the greed and entitlement attitude of US companies is growing to disgusting levels. When a right wing idiot tries to tell you that US companies are paying too much tax, refer them to this article: Where they point out that 30 of some of the US’s BIGGEST companies paid exactly NO income tax at all, well, except for the billions they actually took from the US government. The right likes to claim that business is being stifled by the US government. It’s quite the other way around, the companies are stifling everyone with their greed.  This has to end. The slave labor, the greed and malice, the cutthroat, dog eat dog hoarding capitalism that has become the norm. Stop it. No one should feel bad for a company like Apple that pays pennies on the dollar for slave labor in China, to workers who are killing themselves because of horrible working conditions, because Apple might have to pay a little fucking tax. Fuck no.

Stop whining like a fucking wimpy asshole Apple, and pay your goddamn taxes like a fucking adult.



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3 thoughts on “The Jobs Myth

  1. It’s their money. They should be able to do what they want with it.

    Notice how Apple didn’t need a stupid bailout from our stupid government? That’s because to an economist, all that “greedy hoarding” is called “retained earnings.” Our economy has stunk for the last few years in part because of the fruition of decades of poor business practices. Companies ride unicycles on the cliffs edge, with massive amounts of leverage. One bump in our wacky world economy and it all comes crashing down.

    So I find it odd that you would begrudge a company that innovates, and avoids the monetary pitfalls that other, less economically astute companies dive right into. You are chiding a company that doesn’t have to lay off thousands of employees every time the economy farts. It seems you want Apple to have compassion and spread the wealth around in the short term, and make the same stupid mistakes other companies do, so when the next global crisis arises they will be canning people left and right just like the others.

    You can call retained earnings greed. That’s fine. You seem to have a real knack for objective moral and ethical analysis. And I’m sure there are those at Apple that would agree with you. But there are also those at Apple that are glad to work for a company that keeps liquid cash on hand, so if the economy tanks they still get a paycheck.

    Stay awesome, you zany Communist, you! : )

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