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Remembering Courage: Rachel Corrie

On March 16th 2003, a brilliant, courageous and determined activist had her life snuffed out. Rachel Corrie was a student at Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington. She took a year off from her studies to travel to Palestine to work in solidarity against the crimes of Israeli apartheid. She traveled to Gaza to act as a human shield, doing her best to stand up for the Palestinian people. While attempting to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes by the Israeli Defense Force, she was murdered by a IDF bulldozer. The IDF lied and claimed it was an accident, and refused to even take responsibility for their senseless killing of a civilian. She gave her life to bring the plight of the Palestinians to the world’s attention. She was a hero, and we should all remember her sacrifice, and the amazing amount of good she did in her short 23 year old life. With her memory, commit to fighting for a better future for all of Palestine, and a future without Israeli apartheid and war crimes.  For more information, go to: Help continue the work she began.

Rachel Corrie 1979~2003


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