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Latest Afghanistan massacre will be remembered as tipping point in the war

Latest Afghanistan massacre will be remembered as tipping point in the war.

Latest Afghanistan massacre will be

remembered as tipping point in the


ANSWER Coalition press statement

MARCH 12, 2012

An Afghan man sits with the body of one of the 16 victims of this atrocity.

March 11

Today’s cold-blooded murder of at least 16 Afghani civilians by a U.S. Army soldier is the latest in a decade-long history of atrocities carried out by the NATO occupiers. It will be remembered as the tipping point in a criminal war that grows more criminal with each passing month.

The “apologies” by President Obama and U.S. commanding General John Allen are nothing by brazen hypocrisy and will ring hollow in the ears of the Afghani people. Occupying armies, unable to distinguish insurgent fighters from the population as a whole, inevitably propagate a racist ideology among their troops. This officially promoted racism and contempt toward the occupied people is what produces atrocity after atrocity, and insult after insult.

The only way these horrors will end is by ending the war. The ANSWER Coalition joins with the people of Afghanistan and the anti-war movement around the world in demanding the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO occupying forces. The ANSWER Coalition organized protests on the first day of the U.S. war on Afghanistan in 2001 and has been working to end the war for the past decade.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Afghanistan massacre will be remembered as tipping point in the war

  1. Oh yeah,
    what about your beloved Soviet Union that bombed Afghan villages and massacred scores of civilians that was standard practice for the Soviet Army in Afghanistan? That wasn’t Western Propaganda. That’s real facts. It’s on Wikipedia. The Soviet Army dropped land mines that resembled children’s toys and you bash the American military that protects you from the very scum your commie friends over in Russia failed to finish off because of the numerous massacres by the Red Army in Afghanistan. You’re a damn hypocrite, you commie! Your commie friends over in Russia murdered many Afghan civilians.

    How’s this commie?

    • It’s hilarious because wikipedia doesn’t list a single war crime by the Soviets in Afghanistan. Maybe you should read your history, the US, Saudi Arabia, and other imperialist countries supported Islamic extremists, foreigners who wanted to overthrow the legitimate government of Afghanistan. Those same extremists who would later help conduct 9-11. The USSR, at Afghanistan’s request helped them. You’re completely ignorant of history. For the record though, wikipedia is a terrible source for history. Read a real book.

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