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Disaster in Japan: 1 Year Later

I was sitting at home messing around on the computer when I heard the horrific news. A major earthquake had struck Japan. I sat glued for hours to the news, watching the terrible event unfold on my screen. Having lived in Japan for almost  four years, and planning on living there again, the country is kind of an adopted home for me. Even if you know nothing about Japan, it is hard to watch something like that. Whole towns washed away, families torn apart, so very many people lost.

As Japan pulls themselves up from the debris of the disaster, they’re mustering up their courage to continue. In spite of a government disconnected from the Japanese working class, and corporations whose greed cost life and property, the Japanese perseveres. On this first anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, pause for a moment, and remember the many who lost their lives. Remember as well by doing what you can to make the world a better place. Events like this remind us just how fragile life is, and the strength of the human race. We should also remember that we are stronger together than we will ever be alone. To make a better world, to rebuild Japan, to live better lives, we need to understand that we are all connected. Here’s my hope that Japan will rebuild, will recover and will move on into a brighter future for all Japanese.



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