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The Attack on Women

The big story in the new of late has been about Rush Limbaugh, and his vicious, slanderous attack on Sandra Fluke. He not only called her a slut and a prostitute for daring to testify to congress, but the apology he eventually gave only apologized for using those two words, not for the diatribe against her, not for telling her to make a sex tape, not for anything else that he said. While this story is outrageous, and Rush is a douchebag of the highest order, the war on women is much larger than a single attack on a college student.

The conservatives are old school, you see. They think that women should be in the home, slaving over the stove, vacuuming, and taking care of children. They don’t want them to have contraception, because if they had free access to contraception they would have control over their reproductive health, and thus control over their own lives. While insurance companies have no problem covering viagra, some do no want to pay for birth control pills that are used for much more than just preventing pregnancy. The right doesn’t like Planned Parenthood, not only because they help provide abortion (even if it is only 3% of what they do), but because the reproductive health choices these clinics give to poor women help to liberate them.

They right wants you to think that they are all about traditional morality. What does traditional morality mean? Well, traditional morality means that men run the country, it means that gays are in the closet, and will be beaten if they ever show their faces. It means that women have no rights, no control over their own lives. They want women barefoot and pregnant. They want a country of haves and have nots, where morality is helping the rich keep his wealth, no matter how many poor kids are starving in the streets. They want more poor kids from women who can’t stop having babies, because they provide cheap labor that is easily exploited by the capitalist class. They want more babies because they need more fodder for the cannons of their imperialist wars. They hate, revile, and slander any woman who dares to think for herself. They hate any woman who has a sense of self worth, that isn’t defined by a husband or children. The slime they spew about feminist women, is because they are threatened by intelligent, thinking women who are strong people.

The women who represent the right are there encouraging women to be complacent, to advance the anti-women agenda of the right.

Sarah Palin spoke out about the controversy, stating he support for the racist, sexist, bile spewing puke that is Rush Limbaugh. Why would she defend such a misogynist? Because she doesn’t fight for women’s rights. She fights for the elite capitalist class, and she is willing to throw women’s rights, her own dignity and the future for women under the bus to grovel to the moneyed interests that really own her.

If you’re a woman, and you support the right, you have been duped. You’ve allowed others to dictate to women what they should be, how they should act, and that men should control their reproductive rights. They are traitors to humanity and women, maybe not even intentionally. Reject the anti-women right wing, and fight for the liberation of all humanity from the capitalist, imperialist, religious controls they want to have on your life.

They have you convinced that freedom is slavery? Reject that, and embrace liberation. You are a worthy human being, as important as any man or woman. End gender oppression now. And reject women like Sarah Palin who would have you in chains.


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