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Japan: A Colony of the US

At the end of WW2, Japan lay in ruins. Cities destroyed, industry gone and millions dead. Japan paid the ultimate price of their imperialism and fascism. Fast forward to present day Japan, and much has changed. Japan is now a constitutionally mandated pacifist country. They do not have a military, only a self defense force. They swore in their new constitution that Japan would forever renounce the right to attack any other country. I applaud this. Japan is a beautiful place, with a rich heritage and great people, many of whom want to put the dark years behind them, and move on into a better, more peaceful future.

Centuries later, and what is the greatest threat to Japan’s status as a peaceful and progressive nation?  I’ll tell you what it is. It is their unending subservience to the fascist demands of the US.

In a news story from Reuters, they announce that Japan will be cutting oil imports from Iran by 11% as the result of negotiations with the US government. They admit that this could prove harmful to the Japanese economy, in a time when they are struggling.

This is just another example of why Japan needs to throw off their subservience to the blood thirsty dogs in Washington. They have pulled Japan into supporting their morally bankrupt wars, hosting thousands of US troops at the expense of the Japanese people, and made the Japanese government forget who they really should be working for, the people of Japan.

Japan: Kick out all US troops now, close all foreign bases. End trade agreements with the US, and develop trade and relations with Asia. It is time for Japan, and the world to throw of the parasite of US hegemony and imperialism. Do not be attached to fascists and imperialists, you went down that road once, and you don’t want to go down it again.

Edit: Here is the link to the Reuters story:


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3 thoughts on “Japan: A Colony of the US

  1. Demanding that the Yamato bourgeoisie ally with Chinese imperialism is so revolutionary, d00d

  2. the American on said:

    Japan has no choice, they are hated in asia for what they did during ww2, telling them to throw away american control is like israel going at it alone in the middle east without american, british or german (granted they are a colony as well) protection, they know they will be eaten alive.

    on top of that i like our japanese colony, the vast majority of the japs dont even know they are like colonial india 😀

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