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Scientific Socialism

Recently I have had several run ins with people who call themselves Hoxhaists. Only they don’t like being called that. Hoxhaists are those who follow the tendency of the Albanian Party of Labor, which was led by one Enver Hoxha. There are those who make grand statements of “Red Love” “Red Salute” etc, while viciously attacking any communist who doesn’t agree with them. If you think that socialism should be scientific, if you think that material conditions can be different for one country than another, then you are like me. If you think that Marxism should have an orthodoxy, that anyone who disagrees with you is anti-communist, then you are no friend of mine. Look throughout the history of communism, and you will see that many many times communists allied with social-democrats, with different tendencies, all towards common goals. What does matter in the struggle? What is important to communists? What is important is the struggle for the liberation of the working class. What is important is people, not hard line adherence  to an idealist concept. I am a dialectical materialist, an historical materialist. I think that humanity is evolving, is changing. Marxists must too evolve and change with the times, changing our ideas as new evidence and understanding emerges, or becomes clear. Some socialists claim that socialism can only occur within a Soviet-style government, and they bash such communist parties as the Communist Party of Japan, that is trying to achieve their goals peacefully by working through the bourgeois democratic system. I do not condemn either system, every people have their own path of struggle, their own evolutionary road to travel. Be wary of anyone that says the whole world must be a certain way, by a certain time, led by certain people.

Those who are dogmatic, who do not believe in scientific socialism, who think that socialism can be achieved in a fortnight with no struggle or evolution are not only deluding themselves, they are confusing and teaching nonsense to other people as well. Those dogmatist assholes are interested in one thing, and one thing only: a fanciful pipe dream of a utopia in which they reign supreme and there is no one to prick their over-inflated egos. If we are serious about social and economic revolution, we should be open minded, and flexible. Science owes only an allegiance to rationality, materialism,and reason.

I stand for one thing, and one thing only. The advancement of the class struggle, by any and every means necessary. That will differ from country to country. Does that make me less of a communist? I think not. I think it means that I am the friend of any worker who struggles against their chains. And when it comes down to it, that is all that really matters.


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6 thoughts on “Scientific Socialism

  1. Hello Comrade, I totally agree with your point of view, which is a strong one, an approach which should guide all who fight for a better society (socialism), but I wouldn’t give all this discredit to the albanian way by using “hoxhalist” in a derogatory sense. After all, Albania was the one country who didnt’ abdicate to revisionism and didn’t throw shit on Stalin’s work.

  2. Contact me whenever you have a chance. I’d really like to speak to you further, one on one, about your personal philosophy.

    Thank you for your post.

  3. I work with the American Party of Labor and think I can set you straight. No actually “Hoxhaists” (we are not Hoxhaists, we’re Marxist-Leninists, just as Hoxha was) say “Red Salute, Red Love!” all the time. The only person who does this is Ryan Towne, an Islamophobic cryptofascist posing as a “Hoxhaist.” She uses puppet accounts as well, which speak the exact same way.

    As someone who upholds Hoxha’s line, I can tell you us actually “Hoxhaists” aren’t dogmatic or stupid like Ryan/Deanna/whatever other name she’s using.

    • It wasn’t just Deanna, or Ryan. It was some others as well who want to paint my party and me in a certain light, who slander those who don’t agree. If you think I misspoke here comrade, I apologize. I will edit this post.

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