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Liberal = “Ultra-Leftist”?

I was shocked on twitter tonight; and trust me, that’s saying something. Of all the ridiculous, foolish, moronic and ignorant things I’ve seen.
As you may have heard, there was a big story in Oakland on Saturday, as that city’s fascist mayor sent her brown shirts out to harass protesters. Over 400 protesters were arrested, and many were tear-gassed, beaten and brutalized for no reason. One pregnant woman who has lukemia was even attacked by Oakland’s renegade police force, also for no apparent reason. Occupiers around the world spoke out against the oppression of free speech. The movement was even re-energized by that eventful day. Something else happened that night as well. A piece of colored cloth was burned in front of city hall. Now some people think that is more important than people’s lives, and that burning the US flag is a crime punishable by death. (Ignoring of fact the Supreme Court ruling that established that act as a form of protected free speech under the US constitution.)

A flag loving woman on twitter wasn’t having any of that. Here’s what she said, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Maliheh_ Maliheh

occupiers who burns american flags in usa deserve to be shot and killed with live rounds on questions asked! #p2 #ows #oo

Maliheh_ Maliheh

@Mike_Czech burning american flags on american soil is an criminal seditious act and is against the law. #p2 #ows #oo
Of course the above tweet is completely incorrect. Burning a US flag is a perfectly legal act.

Maliheh_ Maliheh

@timthesocialist i believe occupiers deserved to be dealt with force on account they been burning american flags in public. #p2 #ows

Maliheh_ Maliheh

ultra left wing actually – #p2 “@TheLibertyLamp@Maliheh_because you’re a right wing fascist bitch @timthesocialist

Maliheh_ Maliheh

liberals,independents and conservatives have died for this country for you to be free..american flag means alot to some #p2 #oo #ows
So there you have it. A flag means more than human life, means more than critical thinking means more than freedom of speech. One of the most insanely stupid parts of her little idiotic diatribe was claiming to be both a liberal /and/ an ultra-leftist. Sorry Bourgeois Betty, you can’t be both. You are a capitalist, you are a conservative, you are a complete and utter fraud.
Her facebook page claims she cares about social justice, while she calls for the murder of protesters for burning a flag as a form of protest. Ultra-leftist my ass.
If you feel like giving her a piece of your mind, her FB link is here:
Her twitter (from which I am blocked after exposing her stupidity to the world) is here:
With “leftists” like her, who needs an enemy?

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5 thoughts on “Liberal = “Ultra-Leftist”?

  1. She is an Obama follower who’s favourite book is listed as ” The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” . This bitch looks to be a full time, school employed, student. Sad thing is, it appears she may got to the same university as the protesters . -.-

  2. got = go 😛

  3. Ingemar on said:

    Liberalism and ultra-leftist aren’t far apart at all. Think about it.

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