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Marine Commits War Crime, the Punishment is?

A U.S. Marine who committed a war crime in Haditha, Iraq has plead guilty to a charge related to said incident. What did he plead guilty to and what was the punishment? Wait, what was the war crime to begin with? Let’s start from the beginning.

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich was responsible for the murder of 24 Iraqi civilians. He murdered them. They were unarmed, and helpless before a military attack. That is considered a war crime in most places in the world. He plead guilty in his court martial to “dereliction of duty” that led to the deaths of those 24 Iraqis. He will lose a rank. That. Is. It. He will be busted down a rank, but keep his freedom, his job, and his career. One of the most well known (although I don’t for a second believe that this was the largest war crime case in Iraq, as the whole damn war was one giant war crime) cases ended with a guilty plea, and a little tiny slap on the wrist for this unrepentant killer. The AP reports:

“The 31-year-old Camp Pendleton Marine apologized for the loss of their loved ones and said he never intended to harm them or their families. He went on to tell the court that his guilty plea in no way suggests that his squad behaved badly or dishonorably.

“‘But even with the best intentions, sometimes combat actions can cause tragic results,’ Wuterich said in an unsworn statement.”

Give me a break. In other news, whistle-blower Bradley Manning stil languishes in prison for exposing US war crimes to the light of day.

If you’re not outraged, you’re not f***ing paying attention.


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One thought on “Marine Commits War Crime, the Punishment is?

  1. He won’t keep his career it’s pretty much over at this point for him. But blaming him is not the right route, blame the machine at some point something happened and he went back to basic principals. In 2005 Haditha was a bad place the safest was lower dam village and even then it wasn’t that safe. War is hell, brings out the worst in people not out of hate but due to the will to survive.


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