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The Good, the Bad,the Ugly

I have a few things to talk about today, so let’s alternate between the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

In an exciting bit of news from the infamous Huffington Post, Washington State (my home state) has secured enough votes in both houses of the state legislature to legalize gay marriage. Gov.Christine Gregoire has already promised to sign this bill if passed. If this law passes, Washington will become the 7th state to legalize gay marriage. It’s about time we started giving civil rights to our LGBT citizens. Already the disgusting bigot organization known ironically as the “National Organization for Marriage” (Or the National Organization for Denying Marriage to People Whose Existence Our Religion Doesn’t Approve Of) has already promised to give $250,000.00 to a primary campaign to oust any GOP legislator who crosses the isle to vote with the democrats.

The Bad:

Drone strikes continue in Pakistan, a recent attack killing 4. Another nearby strike hit a house, but did not kill anyone, reports said. The US is on unsteady ground with the government of Pakistan after repeatedly violating that country’s sovereignty to rain down terrorist attacks on the Pakistani countryside from above. The CIA who conducts these murderous attacks doesn’t have to prove anything, or disclose anything, and is allowed to kill with abandon with little to no oversight. It is hypocritical to say the least, that a country like the US that lectures other countries on their human rights is the one of the largest state sponsors of terror and human rights abuses in the world.

The Ugly:

For the ugly category I have a couple of stories. Let me start with the horrifying story of the brutal killing of a family pet, perpetrated by disgusting and hateful right wing extremists. From Addicting Info: “Jacob Burris, campaign manager to Arkansas Democratic Congressional candidate, Ken Aden, arrived home to a horrifying site Sunday evening. The Burris family cat was laying dead on the doorstep of their house with its head bashed in, an eyeball barely hanging from the socket and the word ‘liberal’ in black marker on its side.” The extreme right cannot even abide a moderate left of center candidate, let alone real leftists who want systemic change. Be ready in your political activism to fight these mindless drones and heartless selfish people.

My next, and last story for this post is to highlight the ever misogynistic Rick Santorum, and the deplorable remarks he made in a recent interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. When discussing the issue of abortion Morgan asked about the possibility of making exceptions in his anti-abortion view for the occurrence of pregnancy that is a result of rape. Santorum roundly rejected that as a legitimate reason for abortion, stating that forcing the woman to have the baby was making the best of a bad situation.  Since there aren’t words in the English language to adequately express my outrage and disgust at that opinion, I’ll just leave the unthinkable story to simmer in your mind. Maybe you’ll get mad enough to fight back against monsters like him.

See ya next time comrades.


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