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The prison gates are open...

By Lizzie Phelan
January 21, 2012

About four days ago I visited Zabadani late at night after watching an Al-Arabiya report that stated thousands of so-called “Free Syrian Army” officers had taken the city. Later the channel showed footage of a convoy of approximately 10 cars filled with armed fighters apparently in the city.

This is what I saw when I visited shortly after those reports (Zabadani is about a 30 minute drive from Damascus).

When I drove into the city, there was just one checkpoint on the way in. The legitimate Syrian Army soldiers there who were busy building a fire to keep warm in light snow waved us through. We drove for about ten minutes into the city and the streets were completely dead, no gunshots no “Free Syrian Army” checkpoints, nothing.

On the way out we stopped at the checkpoint leaving Zabadani to speak to the legitimate…

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  1. Americans do not care until it is too late and then they will blame Obama…..

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