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Indonesian Man Faces Jail for being an Atheist

   The Jakarta post reported a story recently of a young Indonesian man who is facing jail time for simply expressing his views on religion. The man, a 30 year old civil servant is from the very Muslim area of West Sumatra. His arrest followed his creation of an atheist Facebook page in which he stated that he did not believe in god. The authorities reason for his arrest seems to stem from their claim that he was “causing unrest in the community”. Indonesia has harsh laws against blasphemy, and Alexander faces a prison term of five years if he is convicted, in addition to losing his job as a civil servant. Indonesia recognizes six official religions, Islam,  Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhism and Confucianism. In spite of being attacked by angry mobs, being faced with jail and unemployment, Alexander is defiant and strong in his defense of free thought, saying that he realized what he had said and was prepared to lose his job to defend his beliefs. End the tyranny of government sponsored religion, and free the mind of humanity. We will move beyond this ridiculous barbarism.

Here is the link to the source story:


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