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Syria and Deliberate Ignorance

If you listen to the news about Syria, it’s hard not to be confused. News outlets like CNN make a lot of saying that the “people of Syria” are rising up against their government. What this is really about is ex-pats and outside forces conspiring to destabilize Syria. This is another case of American imperialism. Then comes a story on CNN about a French journalist killed in Syria while covering protests. What kind of protest was this poor journalist killed at, and how did he die?  According to CNN, the French journalist Gilles Jacquier of the France 2 TV network was killed while covering a PRO-GOVERNMENT rally. While at the rally, a mortar round was fired at the PRO-GOVERNMENT rally, killing Gilles, and 8 Syrian nationals as well. Syria’s official news agency SANA said the country’s Information Ministry expressed “deep regret and sorrow” over the deaths of Jacquier and eight “martyrs.” From CNN: Syria’s official news agency SANA said the country’s Information Ministry expressed “deep regret and sorrow” over the deaths of Jacquier and eight “martyrs.” Ok, that seems normal. Maybe CNN will just report the news this time instead of trying to manipulate the news to their advantage. Oh, wait, what’s that now? That’s too much to hope for? I guess it was. They follow with this load of tripe: “But in the aftermath, questions emerged about who would have attacked such a rally: resistance fighters vilified by the regime or pro-government forces trying to undermine the opposition.” What the F%$#? Are you effin serious CNN? You’re suggesting the government mortared their own rally? Really? They attacked the rally /in favor of/ the government? *Headdesk 10*

If CNN is what passes as journalism these days….

Simply put, CNN continues to move to the right, even stooping so low as to throw out ridiculous speculative conspiracy theories with no proof or backing of any kind. Shame on you CNN, fucking shame.

P.S. Next time there’s a terrorist attack in a Western country I will expect you to air every squirrel-brained conspiracy that the US government did it themselves. At least try to be consistent in your dumbassery.



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One thought on “Syria and Deliberate Ignorance

  1. Well said! I have predicted on my site that Syria will be a full blown civil war in 2012….

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