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Capitalism: The Enemy of Education

American students are in big trouble. The students of the US are grappling with higher costs of living, ridiculously expensive textbook prices, and skyrocketing tuition. If a student from the lower classes does manage to get through college, most likely he or she will be burdened with crushing debt for decades to come. Student debt is now larger than credit card debt; it stands over 1 trillion dollars. Students face little hope for jobs when they graduate, lower wages, and debt to follow them for years. For millions of American students, the future looks truly grim and unpromising.

All is not lost! For some certain people, the outlook is as bright as the midday sun. Who are these people, and why are they so optimistic? They are the for profit scam schools that are preying on poor and low income students. While cheap but valuable professional and academic programs are being cut from many community colleges, for profit schools are taking increasing proportions of government student financial aid funds.

They are preying on low income students. They want the money those students can receive for tuition from the FAFSA program, and they really don’t care whether those students stick it out and get degrees. Even if those students do stick it out and graduate, they are faced with a more than lackluster job market, and crushing debt that they cannot even get rid of even if they declare bankruptcy. That is debt that will follow those students for the length of their lives, and contribute even more to their economic failure. These schools have been found to engage in dishonest recruiting tactics, to engage in outright lies to students. They prey on the military, and on veterans, their greasy hands reaching out for those government funds. And while these substandard schools take greater amounts of money from the government, real government run schools are suffering, subjected to program cuts, tuition hikes and reduced programs. These parasitic for profit colleges are killing the American education system.

Libertarian types who worship the mythical entity known as the “free market” will tell you that the market can solve any problem. What it is doing, especially in this case, is causing all the problems. They are siphoning off government funds that should be going to improve the lives and education of poor students, and putting it towards their company’s bottom line. Lining their pocket with tax payer dollars while screwing over a generation of young Americans. Why are we putting up with this? Why are we allowing these leeches to exist? Why do we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot? Our educational systems are in full failure, they’re on life support. Something’s got to give.

Here are a couple of numbers that will show the gravity of this problem:

For profit schools cost more, and give less value. For profit schools educate only 12% of the population, but they capture a full 25% of government student aid. Students from for profit schools also account for 45% of all student loan defaults.

Horrible rates of graduation, huge rates of student debt and default, substandard training and education, and the right wing wants us to believe that the free market fixes everything. Say no. Stand up and fight back against this attack on education. My education is not a business, it is a human right that all Americans should have access to. Join me in calling for the dismantling and destruction of the parasitic for profit schools, and demand that more money be allocated towards real educational opportunities in community colleges and universities across America. We need a socialist system that values education over money, and people over profit.

For a more in depth expose on these capitalistic abuses, please visit these URLs:


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