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2012: Expectations Etc.

Good morning to all, and a very happy new year as well! As 2012 gets rolling, it is time for a rundown on things to look forward to and watch in the comin year. Let’s get started. (This list is not arranged in any kind of order of significance)

1. 2012 Elections in the US

This November millions of Americans will go to the polls to vote for their congressional representatives, their senators, local measures, and of course for the next president of the US. The GOP primary contest is just getting started, with the Iowa caucus on Tuesday. That will only be the first of many such contests that will decide who Republicans prefer to run as their candidate. Right now the race is wide open, with Romney still holding a minority lead in most polls. Santorum of Google fame has been rising in the polls, but is not expected to win the nomination. Gingrich has fallen quite a bit, and Ron Paul is being bitterly fought against by Neo-Cons who hate his positions on foreign policy and isolationism, as well as by liberals who rightfully hate his history of racism and misogyny.

2. Occupy Protests

The protests that began in New York in September are expected to maintain their momentum heading in to the 2012 election cycle. A movement based around exposing political corruption in the American political system will likely have no shortage of ammunition against the system, as we witness the farce that is the American electoral system. What remains to be seen is any sign of a resurgence of the now tepid and rigor mortis bound tea party; some probably hoping against hope that it can be revived. Not surprising, many Americans will most likely continue to support the much more favored occupy protest movement that calls for democracy and equal rights, against an astroturf movement based in the white upper classes asking for help from the rich. Look for more college students to get involved politically, as student debt continues to rise against an education system that just keeps getting more and more expensive. Look also for more people boycotting the election, or voting for third party candidates as a result of a popular backlash against the lack of influence or power normal poor, and middle class people have.

3. 2012 Olympics in London

2012 is of course a year in which the Olympics takes place, this year coming to London, UK. A time where everyone will pretend that there is peace in the world as millions are distracted by pole vaulting, marathons, and other games of leisure many poor in the world can’t afford to participate in.

4. The Wealth Divide and Austerity Programs

Look for more social unrest as austerity programs hit hard in many Western countries, including the EU economic zone, as well as the Americas. As the austerity programs will affect the poor and middle classes disproportionately, it may cause political problems for the ruling class and the rich. Hopefully, as the wealth gap widens, the poor and working classes will fight back against these reactionary measures, and hold their governments accountable for the wholesale theft that they are extracting from their people.

5.  Imperialist Aggression Continues

Look for more imperialist agression against states that don’t want to play the West’s games in 2012. In particular, keep an eye on the middle East, as countries like Iran and Syria are increasingly under pressure to yield to the capitalist imperialists of the West. Don’t believe everything you hear coming out of the news on these countries, take it all with a grain of salt.

6. The Aftermath of Imperialism

Keep an eye on countries that have already felt the full brunt of Western aggression, as they try to recover from years of war. First in mind is the weakened country of Iraq. The US jsut recently pulled all of its remaining troops from the war torn country, but they still have civilians remaining. In spite of American assurances of stability and trust in the new Iraqi government, the withdrawal was almost immediately followed by bombings and other forms of violence as the Americans vacated the power vacuum they had created.

7. Japan

Japan will be going through a tough year of rebuilding as it tries to recover from the devastating natural disasters, and the nuclear disaster, that occurred last March. In addition to this, Japan is also dealing with the loss of vehicle production centers in Thailand after that country recently suffered horrendous floods.

8. World Politics and Economy

This will be a year on the edge for most countries, as austerity programs are used to try to cover up the waste and mismanagement of the ruling classes. Many major world economies have enormous financial problems facing them, as they struggle to keep the capitalist economic house of cards from falling on their heads.

9. The End of the World

Just kidding. I can say with some certainty that the world is most likely not going to end on Dec. 21st. Instead of worrying about that, join me in building a better world for the future.

Well, that’s all I have for you right now. Feel free to add comments of your own, I want to hear what you think. What major events are you looking forward to/dreading in 2012? Want to berate me for missing something? Go ahead, sound off. I wish all my readers a happy new year, and hope that the coming months bring us peace, progress and socialism. Thanks for reading.


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