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Happy New Year 2012: Here’s to New Beginnings

I’ve always loved New Year celebrations. They bring a sense of renewal, of optimism and hope. That maybe in the new year we can achieve our goals, and make the world a better place. 2011 was a hell of a year. From the Arab Spring, to the Occupy protests, tsunami and earthquakes, it was a momentous year of monumental change, and world changing upheaval. We head in to the new year unsure, and a little apprehensive. I am the eternal optimist though, and hold out great hopes for this new year. So tonight, let’s celebrate making it through another year, and await the arrival of a new year, another chance to change the world. Thanks for reading my blog this year, here’s to hoping 2012 is a great year. Thank you to all my followers here and on twitter.

Happy New Year!!!


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