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Socialism and the Former USSR

The Western capitalist media loves to bash on the former USSR, and they like to think that the former USSR nations are now much happier than they were under that “oppressive” socialist system. This is clearly not the case. In a new report by the Pew Research Center, more and more residents of the former USSR, from countries such as Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine, are becoming even more dissilusioned with western style democracy and market capitalism.

As you can see here, Neither capitalism nor multi-party governance is very popular in the former USSR. This report comes at a time when massive protests rock Russia, as they protest the rigged Russian Duma elections that gave another victory to the United Russia party. It would seem that the former USSR wants it socialism back. They’ve had enough of the corruption of capitalism, and the wide income and wealth disparities. Socialism and progressivism is also on the rise as younger generations reject the lies about communism and socialism that have been foisted on them so long. Maybe it’s almost time for an Easter European spring. As the capitalist world is hobbled by its own contradictions, pick up the red flag of socialism, and help build a better world for all. Read more at this link below:


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2 thoughts on “Socialism and the Former USSR

  1. Outer Party Member on said:

    It is hardly surprising that those surveyed have become so disillusioned – given the reactionary and backwards nature of the Capitalism under which they live. Even in a strictly material sense, life is worse than before for a great many – the most striking evidence being the sharp decline in life expectancy. To this must be added the loss of the basic human solidarity which was taken for granted until the fall of the workers’ states.

    I would warn, however, against excessive romanticism in recalling the Soviet Union and its satellite states. We shoudn’t forget that the Communist system there collapsed because it atrophied – and it atrophied because such basics as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly were so lamentably absent.

    In the former Soviet Union, as elsewhere, I think that there is today a great appetite for revoltionary social and political transformation. Socialists and Communists need to offer more than yesterday’s failures if we are to intervene successfully in the discussions and debates taking place all around us.

  2. Really like this entry, have you read what’s left by Stephen Gowans perchance, I think you would like it!

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