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Fighter Jets to Saudi Arabia: American Hypocrisy

Every time the US decides to attack another country in some way, (unfortunately we all know this is not at all infrequent) the US government, media and press is quick to jump on the “America is doing it for their own good” bandwagon. You see, Iraqis should be ecstatic that we invaded and bombed their country, destroyed their infrastructure; because you see, we were doing it to give them “freedom” (whatever is meant by that).

Just send a thank you card.

When we bombed Libya, when we invaded Iraq, it was all for noble reasons. Or so they said. The US government loves to talk about human rights, to talk about how we’re bringing the world democracy and freedom. Now remember that, as you read the news that comes next:

From the Huffington Post:

“WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is poised to announce the sale of nearly $30 billion worth of F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

The deal will send 84 new fighter jets and upgrades for 70 more, for a total of $29.4 billion, according to the officials, who requested anonymity because the sale has not been made public.

The agreement boosts the military strength of Saudi Arabia, a key U.S. ally in the Middle East, at a time when the Obama administration is looking to counter Iranian threats in the region. Underscoring that effort was a fresh threat this week from Tehran, which warned that it could disrupt traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, a vital Persian Gulf oil transport route, if Washington levies new sanctions targeting Iran’s crude oil exports.

About a year ago, the administration got the go-ahead from Congress for a 10-year, $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia that included F-15s, helicopters and a broad array of missiles, bombs and delivery systems, as well as radar warning systems and night-vision goggles.

The plan initially raised concerns from pro-Israeli lawmakers, but U.S. officials reassured Congress that Israel’s military edge would not be undercut by the sale. Additionally, there is now broad agreement among Israel, the Gulf Arab states and the West that Iran poses a significant and unpredictable threat.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter regional rivals. Tensions between them were further stoked earlier this year after the U.S. accused Iran of plotting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. in Washington.”

So Saudi Arabia, a country that is run by a bunch of playboy monarchs and princes, who denies women the right to vote,or even to drive, the country that BEHEADS people in public, is getting 60 billion dollars in military aid from the US. This is happening right freaking  now. Just like we supported the evil regime of Hosni Mubarak, just like we look the other way when protesters are murdered in Bahrain, just like we are the LARGEST arms manufacturers in the world, spreading weapons and death to anyone with a buck to spend. While here at home we imprison people for political reasons with no trial, no access to legal counsel, no hope for ever getting out. We kill immigrants for not having the right papers, we discriminate against the LGBT community, and we can’t even manage to give our people a health care plan that covers everyone.

With the millions of deaths, the support of corrupt oligarchic regimes, the support for terrorists and extremists, the lack of a social safety net in the US for even the basics, how dare, HOW DARE the US ever lecture ANYONE about human rights.  The US government is powered of, by, and for the corporations. Don’t be fooled. It doesn’t care about your vote, because whether it’s democrats or Republicans, they’re all in Big Business’ big pocket.

Not until we have a system of governance, powered of by and for the working class of the US can we hope to change this. Step away from the two major parties. Boycott elections if you must. Do not ONE second longer continue to support our genocidal, human rights abusing, corrupt militarist government.


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