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Atheism Vs. Christians

Ok, I’ll admit it. I read Their articles are funny, and many times informative. They have lists about history, and lists with all kinds of cool obscure facts. I like history, and I like random cool facts. My opinion of the intelligence of one of the authors fell though, after reading an entry titled “4 Things Both Atheists and Believers Need to Stop Saying”.

I’m now going to go through them one by one:

1. Theists: “God hates ____”

Yes. You’re right about this one, beating others verbally  over the head with everything your imaginary friend supposedly hates is not only annoying, it’s fucking stupid. No one cares what you think your magical friend hates, really, we don’t.

2. Atheists: God is Not Great

He then goes on to show he has no idea what Hitchens meant by that phrase, why he chose it as a title for his book, or anything else about it really. He tries to say that the phrase is just arrogant, and how could those mean ol’ atheists say something so mean and boo hoo hooo hoo. Really. Read the book with just a small modicum of comprehension and you’l understand what Hitchens was saying. At this point the author sounded like the morons on twitter who were raging over #GodisNotGreat trending.

3.  Theists: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

This one is an obvious. Again, it’s stupidity.If people are capable of helping themselves, why would they have a need for a god’s help at all? Case closed.

4. Atheists: God is a Fairy Tale for Morons

So, you want us to stop saying that. While Christians are trying to outlaw a woman’s right to choose, while the religious are preventing stem cell research that could save lives, while they oppose comprehensive sex ed that saves lives AND prevents abortions, while they do everything in their power to harm and halt the advance of humanity and science, all for the reason that they believe in an invisible being who disapproves of such scientific gallivanting. You see, gods don’t like it when you go poking around his creation, changing things willy-nilly and all the while not needing a god, not a whit. We’re supposed to ignore the religious proclamations of war and violence, ignore the people who are killed, beaten to death or driven to suicide by the religious bigots. We are supposed to sit back while they push harder and harder for a theocratic society. You see, it’s not that the phrase “god is a fairy tale for morons” isn’t true, it’s that it hurts people’s feelings. Well, the truth hurts. God is a made up imaginary being, and rational people don’t have to walk around on egg shells trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings. You want the truth? You want reality? You can’t have that and not hurt anyone’s feelings. You can’t be reasonable without reason.



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2 thoughts on “Atheism Vs. Christians

  1. all this nonsense isn’t about God, it’s about man. in the beginning wasn’t the word, the word was something concocted by man to bring one tribe’s version of order to themselves then to others. of course it brought only war. why, because man is dirt. take a look at the 20th century. name another species on the planet that has committed the atrocities carried out by man on man.

  2. trotskyite on said:

    Always nice to run into another fan of

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