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Ron Paul and Occupy

There is a segment in the occupy movement, on the facebook pages at least that are very loudly and aggressively Ron Paul supporters. Some of them even show support for the tea party movement, calling it anti-corruption. Let me be very clear. Ron Paul is the enemy of all progressives, the enemy of the working class, and a staunch supporter of corporations.

Some may argue that Ron Paul is the anti-establishment candidate. After all, isn’t he against overseas interventionism? Against the Federal Reserve? Sounds progressive, right? Wrong. Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the working class supports him at their own peril.

Ron Paul is against education. He is for the abolition of the department of education, and the money and resources it provides. In a time when Americans are increasingly under-educated, this is a disgusting attack on a basic human right.

Ron Paul is anti-abortion. He is a staunch opponent of a woman’s right to choose. If abortion becomes illegal, women will die. It’s that simple. Women have the right to control what is in their bodies, especially since that may mean the difference between life and death.

Ron Paul is a racist. His newsletters, which he just wishes would go away, I’m sure, show a gross hatred for our African-American friends, and labels them as violent and criminal. This is not acceptable, it is not progressive. This alone would be grounds for dismissing this man from public service.

Ron Paul says he is for real, free markets. There is no such thing. What he wants to do is take away every restriction placed on corporations like OSHA, minimum wage and social safety nets. Worse working conditions, union busting, more corporate profits. He favors an all out attack on the working class, against democracy, and he stands for plutocracy.

I could go on and on, but I think right here is reason enough to consider this man an enemy to the progressive cause. He and his gay hating, racist, class warfare waging friends need to go. He is a republican, not anti-establishment. Don’t be fooled. Kick this fool on his ass, and tell him to take his regressive ideas with him. We don’t need all that bullshit to stop imperialism and war.

Finally, he’s not going to be elected anyway. He tries to go against the grain of capitalism by being an isolationist, and the corporations that control  our government and profit greatly from our wars are not going to allow that. He is a political clown, and deserves no one’s respect or admiration. If you are in the occupy movement and you support Ron Paul, either change your position, or you can get right the fuck out. I mean that. Libertarian assholes are destroying the movement. Stand up for progressive ideals, stand up for socialism, gay rights, the right to choose, anti-fascism, anti-racism, and be cognizant  of the reality of the political climate. Thanks for reading.


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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul and Occupy

  1. I will not be voting for Ron Paul in this coming election, but I do think it’s worth noting that this article isn’t taking a lot of things into consideration.

    Ron Paul is against the Department of Education for many of the same reasons teachers unions are. DoE is increasingly inefficient, and at times counter-progressive. No Child Left Behind is fought for tooth-and-nail by the DoE, but supported by a very, VERY small percent of public school teachers.

    Ron Paul IS anti-abortion, but he is right in saying that it’s a states issue unless there’s a push for a constitutional amendment. I will support a push for a constitutional amendment regarding abortion, but I will not support a push for a federal law granting the central gov’t regulatory power on another’s body, as I would not support a push granting them the power over mine.

    Ron Paul’s racist newsletters were just that: racist. But they were not written by him, and they were published over a year span where he had little-to-no oversight, as he was working the medical field in practice. The teams who wrote those newsletters stepped forward last election season (’08) and apologized to Ron Paul for expressing those views via his newsletter. Also worth noting: He’s come out in quite a few interviews, both last election season and this, denouncing white nationalism and telling white nationalists he does not want their support.

    I can’t argue Ron Paul’s free market stance. I do not agree with it. It’s too close to Laissez-faire for me to be even a bit comfortable. I do, however, think that getting rid of a bullshit Keynesian system and doing away with the abusive Federal Reserve are admirable points.

    Finally, your last paragraph is ridiculous. You rail Ron Paul for being an isolationist, but you want to alienate a chunk of the Occupy population for not being a socialist? I’m not a socialist. I’ve dedicated the majority of my time toward furthering Occupy Chicago along the path to meet its goals. I vote at GAs, I work on committees, and I accept the democratic vote whether or not I agree with it. Labeling Occupy a socialist movement is silly and, if you were “cognizant of the reality of the political climate” you would realize that would be the kiss of death. As Occupy stands, the majority of people support it. It’s amazing because you don’t HAVE to be from school-of-thought A or B, but you CAN be, and you can still be a productive and valued member of the collective.

    Thanks for your time.

    • No, diatribe is the horrendous comment you posted, with not a single fact to back it up. If you can’t be bothered to write coherent arguments, I won’t be bothered with pretending to care about answering back to a fascist. No one asked you to debate, and you were lucky to get a response at all given the ridiculous incoherence of your novel of a comment.
      Don’t worry, I am confident in my ideas. This doesn’t mean I waste my time with racists who defend misogyny and insanity with their stupid religion.
      Timthesocialist (Worldwide Revolution)

  2. Ron Paul is against the department of Education because he wants to dismantle government. He thinks schools should be for profit. So 1st thing, wrong. Second, no abortion should most definitely NOT be a states right issue, it should be a human rights issue. The ability of a woman to access abortion is and should be a human right. So wrong again. Next. I do not “rail” against Ron Paul for being an isolationist. Unless we have socialism, we won’t have democracy or economic equality. You don’t want to call that socialism? Fine. But don’t kid yourself about the reality of the horrors of capitalism. Thanks for your comment.

    • You are worst than Ron Paul! on said:

      1st: Ron Paul is one of the strongest and most vocal proponents of homeschooling. Where are the profits in homeschooling?

      2nd: Abortion should most definitely NOT be a Federal issue or a State issue, it should be a human rights issue. Why do you support abortion being decided at the Federal level? You are just as bad as Ron Paul!

      • There are a lot of profits to be had in homeschooling. Not to mention the fact that the capitalists want an uneducated populace. 2nd: Yes, abortion is a human rights issue, and as such it should be decided at the federal level. Your argument makes no sense. I don’t have an irrational fear of central government like Ron Paul, you and other Ron Paul drones.

  3. I am an old fart so I have heard it all from Paul…..he will never be prez unless his supporters resort to ballad box stuffing……

  4. Arn Lupo on said:

    Can you imagine someone you where loosely associated with says or writes something racist, then you repudiate the actions of that individual over and over again and people label you a racist.

    does not sound very fair to me. Especially when Newt cheats on his wife and takes 1.6 million in tax payer money, Obama was married by a racist and went to his church all the time and had a former terrorist fund raise for him, and Romney is associated with the CIA and Citi Bank.

    The allegations against Dr. Paul are weak and insignificant.

    He’s the only candidate on either side that does not take money form mega corporations or Super PAC’s.
    I’ll take my chances with a person that doesn’t owe the system anything.

    I feel like you just want to see it a certain way so you can justify your voting record to yourself.
    I voted for Gore (blow hard) Kerry (Skull and bones) and Obama (liar) but he helped me realize that no one on either side of the establishment can be trusted. D or R does not matter, it only matter if the candidate is owned by the establishment or not.

    Obama really has been the same as Bush.

    • Hi, and thanks for reading my blog and commenting. The allegations against him are not weak at all. When you put your name in bold letters on a newsletter, and then that newsletter publishes highly racist and homophobic material over and over again, you should be held responsible for your actions. There is no way that as the editor of the newsletter that he didn’t know what was being published in it. No freaking way. Newt is a scumbag, I’ll give you that. He fights for the oligarchy, he fights for the rich to take even more from the poor, he would only worsen the economy and hurt working families. For all this talk of Ron Paul being independent and anti-establishment, let me remind you that he is very much a republican, and very much an establishment candidate. He is beholden to corporate interests, just like all of our government. Don’t be fooled, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I implore you not to vote for such a man. Thanks.
      PS, yes Obama is the same as Bush.

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