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Liberty and Democracy

Everyone wants liberty. OK, most everyone. If you ask most people, are you for freedom? They will tell you that yes, they are for freedom. What won’t get you a quick response in some cases is the question “What is freedom?” Most people just don’t know. I would say, from many conversations held, and from observations of the media and popular culture, that most people equate freedom with capitalism. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Capitalism is most definitely anti-freedom. Especially the American version of capitalism.

The right wing these days is more and more hearty in their cries against the dangers of democracy. What they used to hide behind eloquent rhetoric they now show proudly to the world. They are against democracy, and they make no bones about it. They fear the masses, they say that they’re stupid, easily riled and not fit to run this country. They like to push the fact that we’re a republic (although I have found few of them who can tell what the definition of a republic is) and they fear the idea of a people led government. Why is that? Greed. Capitalism does not  like democracy. In fact, democracy is capitalism’s kryptonite. You see, if you give the power to the people, it’s hard to sway all of them will lobbying money. If you give power to the people, they won’t let corporations do whatever they want at the expense of the general public. If you let the people have the power in government, the rich won’t and can’t control it. That scares the living bejeesus out of them.

Socialism brings democracy to the economy. Instead of millions of workers at the mercy of a few CEOs and bankers, you have the reins of industry and economy right in the hands of those that produce, those that create wealth. You have democracy because no longer is politics controlled by private money, but by ideas, by workers. This also scares them.

The ironic thing is that those who are screaming the loudest for freedom in this country are the ones who support economic slavery. They support abolishing the minimum wage, they support destroying health care coverage for the working poor. They support the corporations who are getting filthy rich off the backs of starving workers, not only in the US but in other, poorer countries as well. Wage slavery is still slavery, and they support it.  You cannot have freedom while millions are in economic slavery. Our government of the corporations, for the corporations, by the corporations must fall. It must become truly a nation of the people, by the people are for the people. Real democracy means everyone has a voice, everyone has the human rights of food, clothing, housing and an education. We have enough resources to do this. We have the power, the numbers to accomplish this. Stand up and let your voice be heard. You are for freedom, you are for democracy, you are for socialism. End the oligarchy.

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2 thoughts on “Liberty and Democracy

  1. We could make a case that liberty and freedom are not necessarily the same thing…

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