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The Next Step

The LA, NY, Philly and Oakland encampments have been overrun; their tents confiscated, their equipment destroyed. Protesters have been beaten, students pepper sprayed without reason, pregnant women made to miscarry, and elderly women harmed. The police state has shown its ugly face, baring its fangs to the American working class. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the police are not, have never been on our side. As many encampments are destroyed, many are wondering what should come next. How do we keep this movement moving forward without our occupations? How do we keep the momentum up and moving? There are a number of ways. First of all, keep protesting. Protest the greed and the hate of Wall street. Make your voices heard. Next, get involved in your government. Show up to legislative sessions, write letters etc. Speak your mind online, get on twitter, get on facebook, get a blog, get on youtube, you name it, do it. And keep protesting. Keep setting up occupations, keep doing it. Keep doing it. Do everything you can to advance the movement, in every way you possibly can. Do not let apathy take over the US again. Millions more Americans are falling into poverty every year; children going without basic healthcare, children going to bed hungry. Students go into thousands of dollars of debt just for a chance at a shrinking job market. We spend our lives in slavery to debt owned by the capitalists, working at jobs owned by the capitalists, making money for the capitalists just to get thrown a scrap or two to keep us alive. That scrap of course a tiny part of what we ourselves produced.

This is a time of uncertainty. This is a time of change. The people are waking up to the corruption of our government, and the enslavement of the working class. Be ready to take the next step towards a revolution. Be ready to do everything you can to help this movement. I believe in the people, in the working class. We can, we must, win this. This is a global movement. Be ready for the long haul.

So what do you think? How do you think this social revolution will evolve? What do you think the next step is? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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