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The Violence and Hypocrisy of the Right

I joined a tea party social network. I want to know what the ignoramuses are up to, what they are thinking. *snicker*

Of course I wasn’t really surprised by what I found. Articles claiming that OWS protests were scaring children, and because they were scaring children, the protesters were “terrorists”. There was a lot of macho chest beating, like one teabager who said “My shotgun wants to be heard”. Riight. They called any dissenter an “Obama lover” (that doesn’t sound at all racist). They are militant and angry and above all, stupid as hell. There’s an old saying “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.” I think that is pretty spot on. In the last year, right wing extremists have tried to blow up a MLK day parade, have shot almost 100 people in Norway, they have made threats against Obama, and they are sure that a Marxist revolution is coming. Recently the president of a College Republicans branch at a college in Texas made comments alluding to the idea that she really wouldn’t mind at all if Obama got assassinated. The right thinks Obama is a far leftist, of course actual far leftists like me find that really¬†hilarious, but they are serious. The right, the ruling class, the ignorance and racism and homophobia and the class warfare is not going to go away without a hell of a fight. That fight needs to happen.


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