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Complacency: A First World Disease

You have seen the protests. You have heard people chant themselves hoarse, seen their fists raised in defiance. You have seen the photos of the flag covered coffins; the somber families weeping for sons and daughters lost. You may have seen photos of dead civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, children ripped apart by the tools of a pointless war. But you don’t care. You pass by the homeless on the street, muttering to yourself about what bums they are. You tell yourself that the poor are poor because they are lazy and or stupid, that people only have nice things if they work hard for them. You rationalize the wars, they are far away, and you don’t even know anyone in the military. Your video games get released, you go to your job, go drinking with friends, watch tv, and the rest of the world is a million miles away.

America is the land of the free you say, your heart flutters with pride at the sight of the star spangled banner fluttering in the wind, and you get butterflies in your gut at the sound of the national anthem. We are the best country in the world, you often say smugly, not like those crazy Europeans or those poor, oppressed Chinese. Give me your Mickey D’s, your coca cola, your Mac computers and your designer clothes, and anyone can be happy. Fill that growing hole in your soul with all the things you ever wanted, and don’t for a fucking minute consider the sweat shop worker making cents an hour to make the Steve Jobs of the world rich and to give you cool things to buy. Fill your meaningless materialistic days with everything our modern culture can give. If you do all of these things your life will be smooth sailing. You follow all the rules, pretend you live in a democracy that has standards of human rights, and ignore the billions of people barely getting enough to eat or having a decent place to live. God fucking help you if you so much as raise your voice. Just ask UC Berkeley students:

So what has to happen before you realize the the America, nay, the world is not as you’ve always been told it is? How long do students and protesters have to endure police brutality, poverty, debt slavery, wage slavery, racism, hate and plutocracy before we decide it’s time to end this plague of complacency in this country? How much longer before we realize that our founding fathers were slave owners; that there was no such thing as the good old days? How much longer do we put up with the bullshit system we are shackled to before the people rise up and say NO FUCKING MORE.

I wish I could be optimistic about this country. I wish I believed that the people of the US has the courage to throw off the shackles and chains of oppression, capitalism and imperialism. I wish I believed that, but while protesters are being beaten, maced and gassed complacency ridden idiots mentally retarded by the autocratic government’s propaganda get distracted by flag waving nationalism. The capitalist police state cracks our ribs with a baton and we say “Thank you sir, may I have another?” When really we should be saying “This ends now.” We have the power to take a hold of our lives, our nation and the world. The idea is powerful, the idea is socialism. Stop believing all the lies you’ve been told your whole life and realize that you will never find meaning in your bland workaday world of rat races, mortgages, student loans car payments and Macy’s. You find meaning in life, in love, in happiness that is not dependent on making more money than the guy next door.  Dedicate your life to life itself, to creating a better world. They say to be calm and carry on. I say be outraged, and carry out the crooks. This system is teetering on the edge of collapse. Give it a shove, and show that complacency, despair and hopelessness doesn’t have to be the story of the future. I doubt that the American people have the guts t really do anything about our fucked up system. Prove me wrong.



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