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The Real Enemy of the 99%

I have been following the Occupy movement closely, as much as I possibly can since it began in September. I rejoiced at the hundreds of people in the streets in NYC, and loved seeing it grow and grow. Before not too long occupations were popping up  in cities across the US. In my own city, the occupation began. While there is much to be said in praise of this movement, I think there is one criticism that needs to be said.

Many in this movement are progressive. Many consider themselves on the left side of the political spectrum. But there are some really confused elements that hang around this movement, and there are a lot of misconceptions floating around.

One of these aforementioned problems are political groups that do not support the aims of the 99%. These include the neo-fascist LaRouche group, Ron Paul drones, not to mention some religious nuts. LaRouche, it shouldn’t even have to be said, is a fascist cult that never has and never will do a damn thing, and certainly nothing that will benefit the working classes of the US, let alone the world. Ron Paul is a shill for the corporations, he would destroy all regulation, all checks on corporations, all worker’s rights, in short, everything this movement does not want in the least. While even some weakminded liberals are wooed by the so called anti-establishment cred of Ron Paul, do not be fooled. He is very rich, a member of congress, and most certainly a member of the 1% who does not care about the 99%. In a recent debate he even refrained from saying a sick man with no insurance should get health care. Is that what we the 99% want? Do we want more of a country where the corps get what they want, no health and safety regulations, no standards of working conditions, no taxes; all while the poor can’t even get health care, can’t get even simple care if they have no money for insurance? That is not what we, I think, are fighting for at all. We are fighting for economic equality. We are fighting for social justice. We are fighting for a better world. And that is not going to come through some ill defined democracy, where we think that the capitalism that has raped our world and enslaved its people is going to finally play nice. If we are fighting for all these progressive ideas of economic equality, social justice and a better life for all, then we are fighting for socialism. I know some in the movement might not like that. Some are obsessed with the “no labels” bullshit idea, some with the beauty of the movement, but have no idea how the movement should progress, some are still convinced that capitalism isn’t at the source of this economic crises that is shaking the world. To them I say, start paying attention. Capitalism means that workers don’t receive the value of their labor, that the ruling class will continue to go about making decisions that benefit the 1% at our expense. It means continued war, racism, oppression and poverty. The only way that this movement is going to be a success, is if the people involved start realizing the core problem, the virus at the center of the festering sore we call our economy and politics. It is capitalism. We need to abolish capitalism, and replace it with democracy. You all have SEEN what capitalism does to democracy, the tea baggers admit their hate for democracy. Put two and two together. The 1% doesn’t want you to have real democracy, they want you to go back to sleep, and back to pretending like you have a voice in government. Socialism is not only democracy, it is economic democracy. The workers decide, the workers benefit from their labor. All humans are regarded with respect and dignity from their government. Don’t believe the lies, this is simple. They want to continue their predatory capitalism, we want a government of the working class. We want socialism. And don’t be afraid to say it.


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6 thoughts on “The Real Enemy of the 99%

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I think a lot of people get caught up in the “negative stigma” of socialism simply because of its name, but it works for Sweden, and they have a very high rating of happiness across the country. Way higher rating than the U.S. currently has.

    • And Sweden isn’t even very socialist. Cuba gets a bad rap, yet they have one of the highest Human Development Index in S.America. The USSR made huge technological advances, and trained generations of scientists, teachers, doctors and at no cost to the students. We can, and should have a democratic, egalitarian society. Americans need to get over their irrational fear of the socialism word.

  2. You need to understand that socialism and communism are impossible in advanced economies, and that means modern industrial economies. It doesn’t matter how much people believe in it, or would like it to be true, it can’t work for reasons that have been scientifically identified.

    The purpose of communism and socialism is to replace capitalism – the private ownership of the means of production, with a system in which the means of production are owned or controlled by “society”, meaning the state.

    The reason it can’t work is because, in a capitalist society, you can use money prices to figure out the more economical way of doing things, for example, whether to build a house out of steel, or timber, or gold. You can also compare things in money terms that it would be impossible to compare otherwise, for example, the productivity of using oats to make fat cattle, compared with the productivity of using tractors to make apples, compared with the productivity of using metal drills to make machine parts.

    Prices are a market phenomenon. And since the purpose of socialism and capitalism is to get rid of the private ownership of the means of production, it means in a socialist or communist society there will be no market for capital goods, which means there will be no prices for capital goods. This means that it will be impossible to do the above kinds of calculations, which means we will have no way to figure out the most economical way of doing things.

    This means that the economy will collapse to the level it was before money was invented, to the level of barter, which means that many people will starve. And this is what has happened in many countries that tried socialism, including North Korea today, but also on Russia and China they starved by the tens of millions. This wasn’t some strange coincidence. It’s caused by the economic chaos that *must* result from abolishing the possibility economic calculation, which is what socialism does.

    Also, since people are not to be free to decide when and how to produce what, it means someone is going to have to be invested with total power to tell everyone else what to do. The great flexibility needed, means that great arbitrary power will be needed, because they are two side of the same coin. The result will be political totalitarianism as well as economic chaos and poverty.

    Thus socialism and communism are not “good in theory” but with some difficulties implementing them in practice. They are fundamentally bad AND IMPOSSIBLE in theory, and that’s why they don’t AND CAN NEVER WORK in practice.
    “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth” by Ludwig von Mises

    • Hahaha, you give me a link the the Austrian school? Really? Hahahaaha Your points have been debunked so many times it’s not even funny. You can’t even get the history of the USSR right. What a joke. Thanks for the laugh dipshit.

  3. JagerJohnson on said:

    Great post dude, as a socialist (socialist libertarian somewhat) I couldn’t agree more. I’m at OccupyLA and heres the thing, everyone is more or less fighting for some form of socialism. BUT, the name is tainted dude, we have to admit that to move forward. You and I both know that the democratic revolution WILL spill into the socialist revolution. Because for once, the outcry is economic and democratic. Not some minor issue, but THE issue. I always say, direct democracy is socialism by default, people here know that, or are learning that. If we win and obtain real democracy, then there will be no need for the socialist label. Solidarity to you from OccupyLA, comrade!

    • If we win and gain real democracy we will be socialist. Common ownership of the means of production, a society, government and economy that is run by the working class. Thanks for posting comrade 🙂

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