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The Ridiculousness of This System

From a local news source:

SEATTLE — A man accused of squirting a water pistol at a Seattle police officer during the Occupy Seattle demonstration is facing multiple charges related to the incident.


According to a news release from the Seattle City Attorney’s office sent Wednesday, Juston D. Thompson of Seattle is charged with three misdemeanors related to the October 8 incident, including obstructing a law enforcement officer, fourth-degree assault and reckless endangerment. Each is a gross misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.


The city attorney’s office said Thompson is free on $1,425 bail, which he posted the night of his arrest.

Ok. So he squirted a cop with a squirt gun. A fucking squirt gun. A big bad cop, probably wearing a bulletproof vest, has deadly weapons, is traumatized by a fucking child’s toy. Now maybe, just maybe it was a stupid idea to squirt a cop. But “reckless endangerment”? Really? Fucking REALLY? We live in a nation where cops can mace peaceful protests, beat them mercillessly with batons,throw them in jail for exercising their 1st amendment right, and get away with it, but a protester squirts a little water on a cop and he is facing multiple years in jail? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Fuck this system, fuck the cops, fuck our jacked up sorry excuse for a justice system. The 99% aren’t going to take this ridiculous bullshit anymore. Stand up and speak out. Time for this nation to grow the fuck up.


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3 thoughts on “The Ridiculousness of This System

  1. But was the vest waterproof? Sorry, had to be a bit humorous today…….I believe it will get worse and the Patriot Act will let it happen…..

  2. Justice on said:

    the word here is ‘GUN’ ….water gun…pellet gun…all the same..IF i point A gun at you without you knowing its a water gun..would you take me seriously and report me to the cops or just laugh with me..They are the law for a reason..without sense of quit bitching about the laws..and just follow talk so much smack about the cops..i bet if something goes wrong in your call the cops for help..asshole

    • “The word here is gun” Oh yeah? So are felons restricted from carrying water guns? Can you name one instance where someone died from being shot with a water gun? I can name an instance in Seattle when a police officer shot and killed a harmless native man, and walked away scot free. I am not against police, I am against the bullshit of trumped up charges. Squirting someone with a water gun is never, and never will be “reckless endangerment”, or any of the other ridiculous charges against that man. It’s ridiculous that you seem to think the cops are always right. I guess you would just thank them if they arrested you for trumped up charges, or shot your family member in the streets. You wouldn’t care because hell, they’re cops and they always right. You stupid dipshit.

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