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Report On Occupy Seattle

This has been a busy weekend. Today was no exception. A march started out in Westlake center in downtown Seattle, and proceeded to the Columbia Tower. Once at the Columbia Tower the crowd swelled from the entrance of the building down below to the street. The voices of the people resonated off of the walls, sounding like a stadium full of people. After a rally the people moved to start back towards Westlake center again. Anti-corporate slogans shouted, drums beating, the crowd seemed to move as one down the middle of the street, everyone moving in rhythmic unison. At 4th and Pike we sat, and occupied the intersection. Estimates of the crowd’s size range from 500-1000, but it’s hard to be sure. One thing is for certain. This movement is only getting started. It is growing by leaps and bounds. I genuinely hope that we stick this out, and bring real change to the US, and to the world.


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One thought on “Report On Occupy Seattle

  1. There is even a small protest beginning in New Orleans…….we need to move to Washington…..make lots of noise and raise some peaceful; Hell…..

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