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A Sleeping Giant

When the Japanese attacked Peal Harbor in 1941, a Japanese admiral remarked that Japan had awoken a sleeping giant. Today I saw a giant awakening. The giant is the 99% of the world that is disanfranchised. The 99% of the world that is not ultra-rich. The 99% of the world that has built our modern societies, but struggle to survive on their wages. The 99% that has fought all the wars, made all the sacrifices, and has had enough.

Hundreds marched today to mark the 10th Anniversary of the beginning of the war in Afghanistan. They told us that it was about fighting terrorists. They told us that it was going to make us safer. 10 years later and we are still there. 1800 dead service members later, and nothing has changed. We were lied to. Many bought that lie, but no more. We are now being told that America is broke, that we can’t afford healthcare for our citizens, help to the poor, or education for our youth. We are told that we need to tighten our belt. But the 99% knows that the belt is already strangling us. The US is not broke. It is not poor. Much of the world is though. The value that is produced by the many is stolen by the few. This is capitalism, imperialism, war. The Occupy movement is just getting started. People are starting to realize that our government does not represent us, it does not care about us, and that the only way to change things is for everyone to get involved. The working class isn’t going to take it anymore. Yeah, I will use that scary word; it is time for the people to wake up, it is time for revolution. Peaceful revolution, but revolution nonetheless. Class conscieousness is budding, the people are opening their eyes. They have taken from us all they are going to, and this movement is only the beginning of a new world. Real democracy for the people now, real economic and social justice now, we demand it.

Yes, I saw a giant awakening today, and all the corporate sleeping pills in the world cannot make it go back to sleep.

Viva la revolucion.


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2 thoughts on “A Sleeping Giant

  1. As with all revolutions…… watch your backs for the revisionists bastards!

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