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Occupy Wall Street: A Movement in the Making

On September 17th, 2011, a large crowd of people had planned for months to march on Wall Street, protesting the economic inequality that has worsened in recent years. Armed with signs, cameras, sleeping bags and their voices, the protesters decided to stay for the long haul.

As the protests began, the police moved quickly to try to stifle them. They blocked off much of Wall Street, attempting to insulate the area from the protests, and deny the protesters their occupation. Undeterred, the demonstrators took up camp in a near by park. The protests are now in their 2nd week.

The media silence about this huge protest is telling. While they report on tea party protests of only 100, a protest of over a thousand people can barely get more than a couple sentences. The media is of course corporate owned, and controlled by wall street. They don’t want to tell the story of these protesters because they, the media, don’t want their precious riches to be affected. If this was 1952, they might have a chance of that. This, fortunately for the protesters in 2011, and we have the internet. CNN may not show the police brutality, the oppression, the silencing of free speech, the macing, and the obstruction of democracy, but youtube will. No matter what the NY or US government does, they can’t stop the world from watching.

Seeing the Protests in the Big Picture:

You may wonder what will come of these protests, and I do as well. The little the media has focused on the protests, they have made points that Right-Wing nutball group LaRouche was there, as well as some very simple minded guy touting the economics of the Austrian school (you know, like the economics that caused this economic crises). It seems to me though, that most of the people at these protests understand what is really going on. More and more they see that this predatory capitalism doesn’t serve a majority of the people. They are waking up to the fact that the politicians in this country are bought and sold as commodities, as tools of the capitalist class. The image of the fat cats on the balcony, looking down with scorn and mockery at the commoners protesting below while they sipped their champagne in their fancy gowns and tuxedos, will go down in history as America’s “Let them eat cake” moment.

Stand up and say, no more will we stand idly by while banks take BILLIONS in federal tax money, and then kick people out of their homes! No more will we stand idly by while bombs are dropped on foreign lands with our tax money! No longer will we have 800 bases around the world, while our people live in poverty and oppression. No longer will we tolerate the tyranny of capitalism, the slave wages and the fake democracy of the bourgeoisie. As people all around the country stand up and raise their fists and their voices, let it be known. We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore. Take note media, this, not the corporate lapdogs of the so called tea party movement, this is the real America, the poor America, the downtrodden America. We are many, many more than them. We are the cogs in the wheels of this economy, these industries. Without us the capitalists are nothing. Things are changing. Expect it.


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2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street: A Movement in the Making

  1. The corporate media learned its lesson in the 60’s….too much info will only make the protests grow…….I agree…things will change and there will be a reckoning for the corporate dicks…..

  2. Yep, they can’t censor the internet though. We live in the information age. 🙂

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