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The Lie About Libya

Many on the left cheered the events of the “Arab Spring”. Mubarak in Egypt fell from power and we rightfully cheered his political demise. He had for decades held power and oppressed his people. Starting with the ouster of the dictatorship in Tunisia, the people of the Middle East and North Africa stood up and demanded their rights. Then came Libya. While protesters in Egypt were nonviolent, and demanded political, economic and social reform, the rebels in Libya attacked with weapons, seeking to gain power themselves. Do not be fooled. All these countries are not the same, nor were their governments the same.

High unemployment, lack of democracy and governments supporting the apartheid state of Israel were among the reasons for the popular uprisings. The western governments would have you believe that Libya was the same. Let’s take a closer look and see if what has happened, and is happening in Libya is comparable to Egypt, Tunisia or Bahrain. First ask yourself, why didn’t NATO bomb any other country that had uprisings? The answer is simple. Libya was not Egypt. Col. Qaddafi had  long been a thorn in the side of the imperialists. He stood up to them, and believed fervently that Libya, and her resources should benefit the people of Libya, not international businesses. He stood in solidarity with another hated anti-imperialist, Hugo Chavez. Chavez, a friend of Qaddafi’s, has angered the US numerous times, by nationalizing industries and companies that the West had been long using to exploit and control the people of Venezuela. Even though Qaddafi had made his peace with the West, and had given in to certain demands, it wasn’t nearly enough. The US imperialist demands unyielding obedience. When the civil war broke out in Libya, the West saw it as an opportunity to gain another foothold in the region and exploit their oil and natural resources. Make no mistake, the Libya situation is on purpose. The rebels are not fighting for the future of Libya, but for vested interests, and money. NATO has killed scores of innocent civilians, yet tries to act like it has the higher ground. Rational people will see that you can’t claim to be protecting the civilians if you are actively dropping bombs on their heads. It is a power grab, a move to replace the imperialist puppet regime in Egypt with another in Libya. This benefits the capitalist imperialists, and does not benefit the Libyan people.

Now here are some interesting facts about Libya:

-Libya before the war had the highest human development index in the whole of the African continent.

-Everybody in Libya gets a free college education.

– Everybody in Libya gets free health care.

– There are (were) no homeless people in Libya.

-Libya is a debt free , their government is not in debt.

The Libyan rebels are terrorists.

While every country has its problems, and Libya under Qaddafi was not perfect, what right does the West have to interven militarily in a sovereign nation?  This is not the result of peaceful protests, this is the result of yet another overthrowing of a legitimate foreign government by the U.S. and her allies. If anything nations should be fighting the rebels who have done nothing but destroy a peaceful and free nation. America’s imperialism will come back to bite her in the ass once again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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One thought on “The Lie About Libya

  1. As I wrote on Info Ink awhile back…Libya was about revenge….the rebels were from the Eastern part of the country and that was never a stronghold of Qaddhafi support…it was never about democracy and it does not hurt that they have massive oil reserves…..

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