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The Huge Double Standard

Thousands of Americans stand in solidarity with Troy Davis

In September of 2010, a harmless street artisan in Seattle was shot down in cold blood by Police Officer Ian Birk. The older wood carver had just seconds to respond in spite of his hearing problems, before he was shot several times, ending his life. There was no possible excuse for this murder, this senseless killing. The wood carver John T. Williams, a Native American, had a knife, but it was allegedly closed when he was shot. The community grieved over the death of this man. Surely, surely, justice will be done. After all, isn’t the US the land known for the rule of law? No, not to many of the victims of our racist justice system. John T. Williams, defenseless and harmless, was murdered, and his killer walks free. That’s right. Ian Birk killed a man with no justification for his violence, and merely lost his job. That’s it. He got a pink slip for snuffing out the life of someone’s loved one.

Now please contrast that tragic story with another happening RIGHT NOW. In Georgia, a man stands convicted of murder, and has been scheduled for execution on September 21st, 2011. He was accused of killing a cop. There is no physical evidence that the accused, Troy Davis, even committed that crime. There is no murder weapon, Many supposed witnesses have spoken out, saying that they were coerced into false witness against Troy Davis. Seven out of nine of the witnesses against him have completely recanted. And yet, in spite of the public outcry for a stay of execution, for mercy and real justice, the government still intends to execute this innocent man.

So let’s put this all together. A police officer who was CAUGHT on CAMERA killing an innocent civilian, walks free, and an innocent black man accused of killing a cop will have his life taken from him, even though all the evidence says he didn’t even commit the crime. Justice in America isn’t blind. She is drunk on racism, greed, and power.

What are you going to do to help change this system? Speak up. Fight back. We can create a better world.


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